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Backlog: Doom 3 BFG Edition


Not much gaming done this week but i did play Doom 3: BFG Edition. It includes the Doom II epsidode No Rest for the Living that i never played before and it was great like Doom 2 always is. I also played the Doom 3 episode The Lost Mission and it was a piece of shit like doom 3 always is.

Then when I was done with them both I started the first level of the Doom 3 campaingn with the plan to look into the enhanced graphics that is done for the BFG edition. Game developer nerd here and all. But before i could get that far I notice that the team at Id software had focused on the important things. They have fixed a major problems that existed in the old version of doom 3. No longer do we risk skipping the intro or cutscenes as they have removed that function from the game.

Things to not look good for Doom 4 if the only ones left working at ID is the full time idiots that does not have the mental capacity to find the emergency exit door.