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Call of duty: Pixelhunter


One common activity in classic adventure games was pixelhunting. It is when you sit and click with the mouse all over the screen trying to find something you can interact with. Not the most fun way to play a game and I'm not sad that we have lost that part of gaming. So you can imagine my surprise when i find myself doing it again in Call of duty: Black Ops, a game from 2011. Well to be honest I'm not really hunting pixels but the activity is as fun. What I'm trying to do is to follow orders so i can progress in the game. I need to do it in the precise way the developers designed it to be done. If i take one step of the given path, stand still half a second to long or fail to stack up to the correct door the mission fails. And my only guide is a NPC to follow and once every 15 seconds someone scream at me what to do next. Stand there, shoot them, pick up rocket launcher, shoot helicopter, reload, down the foxhole, look at shitty cut-scene and shoot some more. I hate this game. It's a stupid rail shooter where the rail is invisible.

Nope, it's not a tutorial. It never ends.

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