Spinning Cubes
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Bring order to chaos


Done playing around without a goal so it's time to start and fail my first Unreal engine project. One game I like is Swat 4, a tactical first-person shooter from 2005 made by Irrational Games. I will try to make a prototype like that in Unreal and see how it works. With my art skill it will be 3D cones running around shooting at each other. This is what Swat 4 looks like.

I play so bad in Swat 4 i need a plant evidence mechanic. This is my sandbox level to test things with. Learning the basic of the editor. Next up is to make some form of gun to shoot with :).

Level one. All in glorious starter content :).

Level two. A bit stupid that the all BSP brushes turn visible when i clone one of them. They should at least respect the parent visibility.