Spinning Cubes
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From now on i will write weekly posts on how my Techdemo it is progressing. To make it more easy to write about i have given the project a public name, it will now be called Sussex. It already have a better project name but a google search of it give to much of the game away :(. The name is a reference to HMS Sussex, a ship of the line of the English Royal Navy that was lost to a storm in 1694. No point of fooling myself with the chances of a techdemo surviving into a real game :).

I did write up the plan for Sussex this weekend and there are four areas i need to focus on. They are DirectX 12, Multicore, Rendering and Open World. This week i will focus on DirectX 12. The game itself could work with DirectX 11 but i need multicore anyway and 12 sounds more cool then 11. See how it all turns out next Sunday and with a little luck i have more updates for GameDev Pensieve on DirectX 12.

Tags: XBOCode