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Sussex - Week II


After screaming at the shader compiler for two weeks I feel like I had a good enough understanding of DirectX12. As a bonus I also learned the development environment for the XBox One. With the ability to put pixels on the screen I took some time to think of my next move. The obvious thing would be to add more code and turn it into a useful DirectX12 graphics framework. I decided it would be a waste of time as I should focus on the techdemo and not the side effects of it. So my next step will now be on the open world part. Setup the rules and limits for the open world and work my way back to the things I need for the rendering and the multicore system. That way I can focus on things that only add to the final end result. So this week i will do design and some more Maya to create the mockup art needed. When I need a break I will spend it cleaning up the code. But first I will play some games. Did all the coding this week listening to the soundtrack of all the The Elder Scrolls games. Time for a replay of Skyrim.

At first i missed setting the number of parameters in the root signature.

Then i had the projection matrix set in the wrong way, Everything was compressed down to a single plane.

Now i only need to add a open world around the car and i'm done.

Tags: XBOCode