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MMO Single Player


Right now I play three massive multiplayer games. I play for a few weeks then pause for even longer and then play some more. Never manage to keep up with my friends that marathon plays for months straight at the start of each expansion. I also play mostly PvE and so it's like a massive multiplayer online single player game for me. I explore the world at my own pace and sometimes my heroic gear friends drop by to see how I'm doing. No one is surprised to learn that one of the games is World of Warcraft. I played the same mage all the time and my played time is now 43 days, 10 hours and 31 minutes. To much really.

The second game is Star Wars: The Old Republic. I'm on the dark side and do the evil deeds for the good of the Sith empire.

The last game is The Elder Scrolls Online. As anyone can see from my cloths I have not played for long. Not sure if i like it yet. See how it turns out.

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