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The Year of the Rubber Duck


Time for a new year and also a new home for me. Not that far, only around half a kilometer away but it will be nice to get a working bathtub and a use for my rubber duck collection.

It also feels like a good time to try to correct some character flaws one has collected over the years. The two i will focus on that matter to anyone else is less use of social media and to update my blog at a steady pace.

I have used twitter for social media and it is a waste of life. It's like a lunatic asylum where each visitor is locked up screaming inside the cell. They can select to listen in on each other and a few times a day they also get to enjoy the promoted messages from the warden. Echo chambers form and listening in on opposing factions let you realize how far disconnected from reality they all are. There might be wise people whose rambling screams one day will be a published masterpiece. No point waiting for it , I rather get out from my cell and buy the complete edition when it released. So i will escape twitter. I will only feed myself with knowledge once a week in the future so i can focus on my own things and avoid distractions. The time free from the cell will be spent programming, playing games and writing blog post. I enjoy reading text longer then 280 characters on these topics so i will share the fun by writing my own articles. I'll keep my cell on twitter for now if anyone wish to contact me about my future blog posts.