Spinning Cubes
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They only call once


The most basic things are now done in my new home. It is possible to walk from one room to another without climbing over things. Time to playing games and coding again. I also think about giving courses on how to get rid of sales people that call your phone. This is the first lesson. Works great all the time.

Scubes: Hello
Sales: Hello, I'm John Doe and I'm calling you with this offer that will let you lower the cost of all your loans from any bank...
Scubes: I'm not at all interested in any shape or form.
Sales: But don't you want to lower the fee that you have to pay to your bank.
Scubes: No, i like it when it is expensive, it turns me on, it's a sexual thing, look it up on the internet, real sick shit. It's how i roll.
Sales: *silence*
Scubes: Goodbye then, please do not call me again.
Sales: Goo ... dbye.