Spinning Cubes
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VR geek


Played some VR games with the HTC Vive Pro this weekend. There was some close calls on the windows around the play area and the roof lamp did take a hit once. So it was all in all fun. The games played was as follows.

Only one of us was brave enough to play this. There was lots and lots of screaming about sounds and shadows. Might be nice but a bit to much stress for me.

Beat Saber
This game was really nice and easy to get into. Cut the cubes with the correct color and direction with your ligh... beat saber :). Would be nice with some more tracks that everyone recognize.

Drunken Bar Fight VR

This was the most fun game that everyone enjoyed. It is easy, it is short and you get to throw things at virtual people. No real beer bottles was harmed while playing the game.

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