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Savage Borderline Space Zombie LAN


LAN weekend and played some games to try to keep corona of our mind.

Conan Exiles
Free weekend so we tried it our in Co-op. Looked like a nice world to explore. Will read up a bit on it and see if i'll keep playing.

Borderlands 3
Keept playing on our Borderlands 3 campaing. Saved Rhys stache so i think we are about halfway into it. Fun game.

Space Engineers
The UI is always a pain to use, I always end up screaming about it. Played a short while but got some bugs with the power on our ships so we gave up.

Zombie Army 4: Dead War
Zombie hordes get tiresome for to long so i would like to have seen more zombie tanks, zombie sharks and other zombie things. We also lost some progress on our characters. Still could play on.

Zombie sharks :)

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