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Hearts of Iron IV - Soviet Union - 1936


Tags: Hoe4Soviet

Year 1936 is done with me as puppetmaster for the Soviet Union. It started with me finding an excuse to invade Finland. It was all part of getting to Sweden, Finland was simply in the way. While working on that i did some basic research, tried to organize my armies and preparing a battle plan for the war. Right before the war the great purge was complete and most of my generals had been shot. It did not stop me so war was declared, half the army was not in position and it all fell apart in a total disaster. Had to take most of finland before they surrendered the day after christmas.

I started justifing war against Sweden the day after the war with Finland. World tension is at 26% now and i'm to blame for 23 of it. UK did not approve and they now guarantee the independence of Sweden. See if i can shift my focus to Norway or the Baltic states. I'm not sure how many people was lost in war but it does not really matter. I play USSR and we do it 1984 style, history is already in the process of being rewritten.

After months of unfettered aggression by Finland they crossed the line in october of 1936. A Finish sniper cowardly shoot across the border and killed one of our beloved generals. Known as a personal friend to our leader this attrocity of shooting our generals in the back of the head could not be ignored. Our army responded with a defensive operation into Finland. The capital was taken with ease and the guilty hunted to the artic sea where they where captured.

Tags: Hoe4Soviet