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Tools of The Trade - Intro and Hardware


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Tools of The Trade is a series of blog posts about the tools used for game development. The goal is to help people that are trying to learn game development on where to start. With some luck it can also help some of you that already have some experience. This series will mostly be about game development for PC and consoles. I only have a bit of experience with mobile and none with the web so not much will be said about them.

To make computer games you need a computer :). It does not matter how fast or slow it is. There are always limits when making games, mostly related to the target platform. If you have a slow computer don't let it stop you. Make games that fit your development hardware. When you get a faster computer enjoy it and make more games with it.

Operating System
Windows is the operating system of choice for playing games on PC. The Steam Hardware & Software Survey for June 2020 show the users of steam as 95% windows, 4% macOS and 1% linux. Windows is also the development platform for PC and Console games. Unless you already are a mac user i suggest you use windows for game development.

Tags: ToTT