Spinning Cubes
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Some random thoughts


Updated my website by removing more things. Merged the about and project sections. Added a franchise option to link games to each other. Battlefield is at the top with 13 titles and then Call of Duty, Quake and Ultima with 10. Need to play a few more Ultima games.

Played Medal of Honor: Allied Assault and it's expansions. Nice game that has fallen far with the horrible later games.

Four months left on 2020. Bit of a disaster movie this year so i guess it's time for the big twist soon.

The next xbox have a slightly more solid release date now, somewhere in November. No Halo Infinite until 2021. Playing last generation games on a new console is not something i really care about. Need to know the price for it and the next playstation before i even care to think about the value of a new console.

Now time to deactivate brain and drone infront of netflix.