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Tools of The Trade - Game Engines


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Tools of The Trade is a series of blog posts about tools for gamedevelopment. Check the tags index for ToTT to see the other posts.

In current year 2020 it is not hard to get into game development. There are a number of game engines that let's you get started without to much pain. The two big ones are Unity and Unreal. Both of them have many features, large communities and are used by both small and big studios. Both are free to download and so i suggest you try both of them.


If your are a just starting out in game development and are a non programmer i suggest starting out with Unreal. The blueprint visual scripting in Unreal lets you make games without getting into programming. Well, you are programming by placing boxes and connecting them. Great if you are an artist, you can focus on graphics if you wish and still make a game using blueprints. The same visual interface is also used in many other tools such as material editors and animation tools so you will learn quickly.

A startup project in Unreal


If your goal is to get into programming and are new to game development i suggest you start out with Unity. Unity have an asset store with huge amount of content, both free and paid for you to use. I think that C# is easier to learn to learn then c++.

A startup project in Unity

Tags: ToTT