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Cataclysm - Raids


Tags: WoWDungeons

Baradin Hold
Tol Barad was a prison run the wizards of Kul Tiras. If you have many enemies you need many prisons. All was well until the Cataclysm messed up things and the prisioners started to break free. To spice up things the Allience and the Horde turned the island into an outdoor PvP arena. When your side control the the area you can enter Baradin Hold that is what is left of the prision. Three cells and three bossfights and not much more to add.

No one wants the four hands cavity search

The Bastion of Twilight
The entrance to to this dungeon is atop a tall spire but the portal takes you deep underground. Filled with cultist, faceless ones and Twilight dragons that suspiciously refer to mother in present form. Cho'gall, the Chieftain of the Twilight's Hammer, is also here with a dramatic tirade that include the world mortals. Classic doomsday cult leader.

The fire elemental walked up and pushed me of the stair into a lake of lava :(

Throne of the Four Winds
Al'Akir the Windlord is the Elemental lord of Air. He is found at the Throne of the Four Winds in Skywall. Good chance to slip and fall down and die among the clouds. His three lieutantns need to be killed first then the fight with Al'akir start and soon one is flying around.

Don't you blow me if i come over to you

Blackwing Descent
Deathwing has reanimated Nefarian and he is doing more evil expriments even deeper into blackrock mountain. His first was to reanimated his sister Onyxia so it turns into a family reuninon.

You need to update your lair Nefarian, lava is so bland

The firelands is where we can find the elemental lord of fire, our old friend Ragnaros. There are a few bosses we need to snuff out before we can enter Sulfuron Keep and fight him. There are lots of lava in this place but it is one a the few places where you can use it without holding back.

There should be some fire boss here somewhere, now to find it

Dragon Soul
The final battle where we will put the dead in deathwing. Start of at wyrmrest temple and then down into two teeth filled maws of the old gods. Then to the top of the temple with deathwing flying around posing in the background. Pick up the eye of eternity like it's a pizza order to collect. It's a trap so lets kill them. The a fight on a ship in the air and next crawling around on deathwings back chipping away at his armour. A touch of dragon soul, fall down on Azaroth and then a final dragon soul blast later he is dead.

Deathwing does a flyby

Tags: WoWDungeons