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All scientist will be shot


Played Star Wars Battlefront II. Game looks great, the AI is a bit meh and i stopped playing when they worthless characters from the new movies started to show up. The new characters in the game are fine but the story is a slice of stupid.

The player is part of Inferno Squad, Imperial special forces commando unit commissioned after the destruction of the first Death Star. The mission they have is to stop something like it from happening again. So they know about the Death Star, what it was, what it did and they get sad when the second one is destroyed. Then later when the empire get out another super weapon and use it on the chartacters home planet they have a change of heart. The whole population of Alderaan is fine but a few people on your own home planet at risk is bad. So escape to the rebels and join them. And they keep the same name, Inferno Squad. They would been shot in the head after the first visit to the rebel cantina.

If you work for a evil empire in a secret weapon lab i do not care if there is a uniform on you or not. You knew what you did or you did spend the energy to not find out. Everyone will be shot.

About the time my character said the word alive i crashed into a piece of the deathstar

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