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Sick Weekend


Sick with high temperature so not much got done this weekend. I play games when the drugs let me and spend the rest of the time with netflix.

The Old Guard
Immortal mercenaries stumble around and fail to kill the people that betrayed them. They also fail the all scientist will be shot test so i call bullshit on this film.

Hitlers Circle of evil
Series about the evil sidekicks of Hitler. Good to learn about the less known but still evil ones.

The Big Short
It was fine. A bit topical to current day but i do not care about current day. Rich people loose money to other rich people. Cry me a river.

Not even ancient Korea can escape the zombies. I liked it.

Fate: The Winx Saga
Girl/Boy goes to magic school is it's own genre now. Based on a animated series that i know nothing about. It was fine. The best time for a teen drama is when the logic part of the brain is knocked out by fever.

Spider-man Into the spider-verse
The more spider-man/women/pig the better in a film. Fun.

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