Spinning Cubes
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1975 - Jimmy Magnusson  
Game developer with 15 years of experience 

Specialties are AI, game engines and multiplayer

Experience with Unreal, Unity, Stingray, inhouse and custom engines

My primary programming languages are C++, Lua and C#

2012-2021 Pieces Interactive

Various programming roles, languages and engines
2020-2021 - Unannounced
Unreal Engine 4 C++
2020 - Titan Quest Console - (Xbo/Ps4/Swi)
Port of Ragnarok and Atlantis to console
Custom engine C++
Performence improvement
2019 - Titan Quest: Atlantis - (PC)
Lead programmer, managed 7 programmers
Custom engine C++ 
2017 - Titan Quest: Ragnarok - (PC)
Lead programmer, managed 3 programmers
Custom engine C++ 
2016 - Kill to Collect - (PC)
Unity C#
Created behavior trees AI system
Pathfinding in a procedural generated world
Enemy behaviors
Weapons/abilitys for players and enemies
2015 - Magicka 2 - (PC)
Stingray C++ Lua
AI Utility system Pathfinding Crowds
Enemy abilitys
Boss fights 
2013 - Leviathan: Warships - (PC/Mac/iOS/Android)
Unity C#
Responsible for AI FSM system
Created enemy behaviors 
Boss Fight
Mission script system
Shipyard UI

2011-2012 Legendo Entertainment - (PC/Mac)

2012 - Fortune Winds: Ancient Trader
Port to Windows and Mac
FreeType and GUI programming 

2010 A Different Game

Ghostwire: Link to the Paranormal (Cancelled)
Lead programmer, managed 3 programmers
Designing game engine for Nindento DSI

2010 Touring Exhibitions

ABBA museum in London
System Developer
Creation of interactive screens for the museum visitors
Greenscreen photo and video capture 
Video and photo processing
Upload to online servers

2006-2009 Grin

2009 - Bionic Commando - (360, PS3, PC)
Gameplay programmer
Diesel engine C++ Lua
Responsible for core AI systems and enemy behaviors
Boss fights 
Player cameras for ground and air movement
Player weapons 
Multiplayer gameplay and matchmaking
Technical Certification Requirements