Spinning Cubes
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Welcome to my blog about game development and the games I like to play. While online I go by the name of Vim and to survive in this world I code computer games. This blog is filled with smileys as smileys makes me happy .

Released titles
2019 - Titan Quest: Atlantis - Pc/Xbo/Ps4/Swi with code in C++.
2017 - Titan Quest: Ragnarok - Pc/Xbo/Ps4/Swi with code in C++.
2016 - Kill to Collect - Pc using Unity/C#.
2015 - Magicka 2 - Pc/Ps4 using Bitsquid/C++ and Lua.
2013 - Leviathan: Warships - Pc/Mac/iOS/Android using Unity/C#.
2012 - Fortune Winds: Ancient Trader - Pc/Mac with code in C++.
2010 - Testament - Pc using ZeroFps/C++.
2009 - Bionic Commando - Pc/Ps3/X360 using Disel/Lua.

A forever in development game engine made by me and a friend that was once used for a game.

2016 - Dailyhaxor - Python script to generate a github style activity box for local hg and git repositorys.

GameDev Pensieve
The GameDev Pensieve is my online notebook about game development. I write things i learn so future generations can have fun and laugh at my misstakes. The link to it is up in the menu.

Game Reviews
Check out my reviews to see what i think about a certain game. The link to it is up in the menu.