Spinning Cubes
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I worked as a gameplay programmer at Grin on Bionic Commando, a game released in 2009 on (360, PS3, PC) by Capcom.

From the start of the production of the game I worked on artificial intelligence, enemies and the player camera. I did write the basic system for the artificial intelligence, the code for the soldiers and a minor and a major boss for the prototype of the game. Then I also did the player cameras for ground and air movement and work on some of the weapons.

Later in the project I started to work full-time on the Multiplayer part of the game with responsibility for the XBOX360 and the PC versions. That included multiplayer gameplay, matchmaking and following the Technical Certification Requirements standards. It was also a good exercise as I spend a lot of time running between the free consoles I happen to borrow for the moment :).




Bionic Commando – Announcement Trailer

Bionic Commando – Evolution Trailer

Bionic Commando – Launch trailer

Cut Content

Some of the things cut from the game.

Sonic tank. Jumped around using the jetfan in the center. Fired a projectile at the player. If player gets to close it could fold out the orange speakers and fire a soundwave that pushed the player away.
Spear. Missile that the player could stear around in the level and blow things up.
Cannon used by the enemy. Player could use it and shoot and also hook it and throw it around to move it.
Turret minigun like the cannon.