Spinning Cubes
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Before it was made law that everyone should use a game engine starting with the letter U you had to make your own. So i stated on ZeroFps together with Dvoid. It has been in development on and off over the years and remade from the start to many times. This page list the versions and screenshots and movies i have from projects made with it.

ZeroFps 1 - 02-03

ZeroFps 1 was a mess of things cobbled togheter for school projects.

ZeroFps 2 - 03-06

Second major rewite and the two projects done with it was Dark Metropolis and Mistlands.

Dark Metropolis


ZeroFps 3 - 06-11

Third rewrite of the thing and it ended up being used for the game Testament.

ZeroFps 4 - 12-17

The forth rewrite, mostly done by dvoid, for Tolroko a game inspired by the Barsoom stories about John Carter.

ZeroFps 5 - ???

ZeroFps been a bit idle for a while now but i hope to change that soon .