Oh Noes

When your code is not yet up to the task


Oh Noes is a crash handler that kicks in when you application crash and gives you a call stack and other helpful things to make it more easy to find the bugs. It is for Visual Studio 2008 but as we use it in ZeroFps and we need to support Linux there is also some basic Linux support in it.

How to use

  1. Include onhoes .h/.cpp in your code to be compiled.
  2. Link to dbghelp.lib
  3. Call OhNoes::Setup() when your application starts.
  4. Turn on debug information (also in release mode) and keep all pdb’s for your exe (and any dll’s) in the same directory as your exe file. Other people working on the application also needs the pdb’s.
  5. Use AddPreCallback handlers to add extra information to crash, ex scriptstack.
  6. Use AddPostCallback handlers to do things with the final crash message, ex render it against a nice blue backdrop.


What the crash message might look like, click to enlarge.



One Response to Oh Noes

  1. Simon Rodriguez says:

    Excellent tool! Used it for a while now and can only say good things about it and it has helped me A LOT in my development.
    I could never imagine the crashes that seems only to happen on other computers..

    +++++ and a “Must Have”.

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