Glory to DOS

Youtuber Einokeino303 has made a movie with 51 DOS game intros. I played 25 of them :). Subscribe to Einokeino303 on youtube to enjoy more C64, Amiga & MS-DOS games.


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The Green Wedding

Was away over the weekend at a wedding so no role-playing games for a few days. Time to catch up on them and i think i start with some more Mass Effect: ‘what is wrong with the eyes’ Andromeda.

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Victor Vran

A bit behind on the hacky slashy action role-playing games so when i need a pause from space i play Victor Vran. Walk around in a big hat and hit the forces of darkness with a hammer or shot it with a shotgun. The hat is the important part really. Seems nice enough and it gives it a different feel from other games with the ability to jump.

Monsters of ice and fire are best handled at range with the shotgun


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Lets pay the ironing prize

Time to see if i inherited the gene that makes you enjoy ironing cloths. This will most likely end in a fire.

Feeed me

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Summer code

Besides playing games i also doing programming this summer. Started on ZeroFps v5 and for notes i use Markdeep. Minimal markup language that are done in text files that can be viewed both in a web browser or as raw text. Really nice for documentation of software projects and the best part is that is easy to keep all documentation in the code repository.

Still playing MA:A. Did i put the coins in the parking meter?

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A game from the past

Need to catch up on some ancient games and the first on my list is The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. I already had an old save from the last time i played so now I’m spending the time with a guide trying to find out where to go.

Skull woods next i think… so lost in this game.

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Rpg summer time

First RPG i play this summer is Mass Effect: Andromeda. Have not played the past ones but i think this one is a bit disconnected from the others so i hope I’m not to lost. About one hour in and does not hate it so far at least.

Cool planet

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self.vacation = true

Time to catch up on all rpg’s i have failed to play over recent years.

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Max Smiley

Today I’m trying to help the art team fix an issue in 3ds MAX. Creating some smileys to stay on top of things.

They’re coming to take me away ho ho he he ha ha to the funny farm where life is beautiful all the time, and I’ll be happy to see those nice young men in their clean white coats

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Sad wipe

This scene from Robot Chicken: The Force Awakens perfectly highlight why i despise SW:TFA and SW:TLJ. Can someone please hire a writer that don’t have to use the old characters of the franchise as scaffolding to hold up the badly written new ones. Not much hope now for Star Wars: IX with J.J. ‘plotblocking’ Abrams at the helm.

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