Brothers – A Tale of two sons

Puzzle game where you control two characters at the same time. Each one has it’s own thumb stick and use button. Really simple puzzles where you open doors, carry things or climb around. Gameplay gets thin fast but works as the game is not that long, less then 3 hours for me and the world is cool enough to keep playing for that time. The land of the dead giants was a great level. Score: score_5

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Counter-Strike: Global offensive

Once more the counter-terrorists and terrorists try to kill each other. The levels you can play are Dust 2 and some other levels that are not Dust 2. If you vote for anything else then Dust 2 you are a Noob. I was a Noob for two hours until i got my first kill then i started to vote on Dust 2 like everyone else. In four hours playing i manage to get 12 kills total. It’s still less then the average time a counter-strike player spends on Dust 2 each day :). Grinding that much is not for me so i skip this game. Review score: score_3


That alert is not uncommon when i play.


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Thief (i hate it)

This linear disaster set another nail in the thief series coffin. I hate everything about this game and with Dishonored to compare with this game looks like a bad and painful joke. Extra points for the dramatic cut scene with a cheering crowd of two people. Was all the character crowd members busy signing up for Assassins Creed: Unity? Not that anyone would spent time in the City these days, it’s layout makes it less interesting then the window dressing city from Thief: The Dark project. A game i will play next to cleanse my soul of this vile piece of @£$€ game. Score:

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Warlords of Dreanor

Time travel back to Outlands before it was destroyed. Enjoy cut scenes of angry orcs that scream at each other. Fight on to level 100 level and build a custom garrison instance and send npc followers on missions. It’s nice but it also removes a bit of the multiplayer in MMORPG. Most of the time that was once spent in cities is now spent in the garrison and i did not team up with another player even once to quest. It used to be that only the party that killed a mob would get to loot but now anyone can loot it. That change seems to have killed off the random groups that player formed when questing along in the same area and it’s a bit sad. Still it’s a fun single player game and there is a toy box for all the fun useless item now. Score:

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Sniper Elite

Got some games played over the holiday. Here are the first reviews.

Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army
In this game you play one to four players and shoot Nazi zombies while moving to the next safe house. Yes it’s Left 4 Dead with Nazi Zombies.

Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army 2
One would think this would be an improvement like Left 4 Dead 2 was compared to L4D but this it’s really only more levels and more zombies.

Sniper Elite III
Feels like a good step forward for this series. Less linear levels makes it more fun to explore and the stealth system is much better.

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Gamedev Pensieve

Sick now so I focus on playing some games. Tried to code but demands to much brain to be possible. I fixed a domain to my online notebook about game development. It can be found at Now time to shoot some more zombies.

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Graymer progress

Walls and flats now work in the doom view of graymer. Got the animation on them working also. But to get the lightning i will update to a more recent opengl version so some extra time is needed until next release. Time to stop using opengl 1.1 and go for some shaders :).


When i need to verfiy that graymer show the level right i get a excuse to play some Doom :).

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Graymer progress

So fix the holes and then it’s time for the next release.


Need to fix the crashes to i guess.

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Graymer progress

Basic wall textures working. Next up is the holes in the floor and the floor textures.


Before the holes all over the base got fixed many drunk marines was lost falling down into the moon.

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Graymer dot edition

I need to get going on graymer again. So lets start with doom. First of textures. How hard can it be…


Dot’s will inherit the earth

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