Open Art 2015

Open Art again in Örebro and I took some shots of it.


The Duck is back from past years and it’s still cool.


This will be the next monster in my D&D campaign.


Floating garden, Örebro style.


Looks like a good place to rest for the day.


Something something anime.



Ask your parents if you do not know what this is.


Evil pens.





Warning, newly painted water.


Katamari Damacy books.



It’s a pen. A pink pen. If you see anything else you need to put safe search back on.


Evil aliens.


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10 D&D Geek Points


Wonder if there are any Dungeons in there also.

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Playing Terraria

Terraria 1.3 was released some days back so now it’s time to return to the land of 2D blocks and dig and dig until the monsters eat me.


I can hear the iron call my name.


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Console Coding: Part 4

I started on the mesh and texture class this week. Goes a bit slow as I’m still stuck in the OpenGl mindset. The PS3 is laughing at me when it crashes from me trying to use a state that does not exist is_arg1. I have also picked genre for the techdemo, some form of car racing game. Never done a car game before so I should learn something new there also. Next up is no progress for a couple of weeks as I’m on summer vacation is_thumb.

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Wow, I’m on a boat.

The plan was to play some Dead Space 2 but now I’m on a boat in World of Warcraft.  Plans fail i guess. Time to check out my shipyard.


Currently listening to Master & Commander: OST

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Bring order to chaos

Done playing around without a goal so it’s time to start and fail my first Unreal engine project. One game I like is Swat 4, a tactical first-person shooter from 2005 made by Irrational Games. I will try to make a prototype like that in Unreal and see how it works. With my art skill it will be 3D cones running around shooting at each other. This is what Swat 4 looks like.


I play so bad in Swat 4 i need a plant evidence mechanic.

This is my sandbox level to test things with. Learning the basic of the editor. Next up is to make some form of gun to shoot with :).


Level one. All in glorious starter content :).


Level two. A bit stupid that the all BSP brushes turn visible when i clone one of them. They should at least respect the parent visibility.

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Console Coding: Part 3

Not much visible progress this week so no image. I fixed indexed drawing for the mesh and improved the convert script for content. Next up is making some more models to test with and then create a mesh and a texture class.

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Crysis 3

Supersoldier time again. Cryris 3 is like the settings of Crysis and Crysis 2 merged into one game. Run around in a destroyed version of New york with trees, evil soldiers and aliens. Suit can be switched between ‘i shoot things’ and ‘i sneak around mode’. Gameplay was a bit meh to me.


The game developer in me had to drive back to this water pipe when the fight was over. So i could check if the particle system collided with the dynamic APC. It did not :(.


Roland Emmerich approve this game

Score: score_3

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The Five games rule

To buy a platform I have set myself a rule that it should have at least five exclusive games I care about. I did a check in 2013 and none of them passed so lets try again. This time with games that have been released.

XBox One – 0 games

Nothing on the XBox one for me :(.

Playstation 4 – 3 games

Second place with Killzone: Shadow Fall, The Last of Us Remastered and The Order: 1886.

WiiU  – 4 games

The winner is WiiU with ZombiU, LEGO City Undercover, The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD and Splatoon. No deal yet but soon Yoshi’s Woolly World will be released. So in two weeks I can go Next Gen.

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Planning to eat brainz

There will be a broadcast at later today about the Hierarchical Task Network in Dying Light. Fit’s me perfectly as it’s one of the two decision-making systems i will try out next and I know nothing about planners.

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