Carmageddon: Splat pack

Expansion for Carmageddon. Not that good as the first one as they tried to make the levels here a bit more weird. Spending two minutes to get back up from the water after falling down does not improve the game. The focus should be on ramming into each other at high speed instead of trying to find each other.


Soon in that body of water: Me

Score: score_2

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The Ball

First person puzzle game where the puzzles are solved with a giant ball. Left mouse push the ball away and right click make the ball roll towards the player. There are buttons to put the ball on, doors to destroy with it and monsters to roll over. Played half of the game and then there was a long section that failed to save. I did not hate the game or loved it so i had enough and played no more. Score: score_3


Every time i had to leave the ball behind i was a bit sad.

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Arma 3

Time to give up on Bohemia Interactive. Operation Flashpoint was fun but i do not wish to play the same game fourteen years later with the same bugs. Score: score_2


I’m on a boat.

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XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Great game that really capture the feel of the old games. Recommended to anyone that enjoyed the old XCOM games. No time to write anymore, need to play the expansion pack now. Score: score_6


Die Alien Scum. Die.

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Dying Light

Run around in a city and try to avoiding the brain eaters. Like the past zombie game from Thechland the focus is on melee weapons but this time you can also climb and jump between buildings. Not many zombies can climb but to get the good stuff you need to get down on the ground and inside buildings. Good game, some boss battles i hate but i  hate them in all games. Score: score_5


Off with the heads

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Space Engineers

Early access sandbox game where you collect resources from asteroids, build ships and then crash them into asteroids. Fun for a while but it get old fast. Score: score_3

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Takedown: Red Sabre

Game that wish to be Rainbow Six and Swat 4 and fails in all ways possible. I you wish to play a game like that I recommend that you instead get any of the Rainbow Six games. Even they one from 1998 is better then this one. Score: score_1


My squad member think this is the optimal time to jump in front of me. Only thing that keeps me alive from the stupidity of the team AI is the fact that the enemy AI was written by the same developer.

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I will drop beholders at the party on the first day.


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State of decay

Zombie survival game that was nice and i did manage to play it for a couple of hours. Then i glitched into a door and got ripped into parts by zombies. The game then auto saves as it has some stupid ‘live with consequences’ system. So the character i controlled is dead and i have to keep playing with the other ones. The motivation to play the game hit zero. If you can live with the consequences of the lack of quality assurance at undead labs this game might be for you. I on the other hand will not accept it. The score is how i felt about the game before the code from the monkey department crashed my flow. Score: .



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7 Days to die

So someone put a gun to my smiley lamp and forced me to buy a early access game. 23 hours played so far so is was not a total waste of money. Like many other open world survival games it does not take long to hit the end. Food, gun, house and you are surviving. So play with friends and make your own challenges. It’s like a zombie film, it’s your stupid friends that forget to lock the door that make your life fun. Also, shoot all dogs. Zombie dogs are evil. Score: .

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