Playing with inserters, oil and trains.

Played some Factorio this weekend. It was nice and i recommend it to anyone that wish to to move things around on a transport belt.

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Something to play on this day

So I’ll celebrate International Women’s Day by listing some games to play today with a female character in the lead role.

Metroid Prime: Trilogy with Samus Aran
All the three Metroid Prime games for the Wii. You can also download it on the WiiU if you are one of the few that own it.

Tomb Raider: Anniversary with Lara Croft
Raid some tombs and stea… rescue all the artifacts. The first game might be a bit hard with the ancient controls so try the remake.

BloodRayne with Rayne
Stab away at Nazis and suck the blood from them.

Portal 2 with Chell
Fun followup on portal.

Dishonored: Death of the outsider with Billie Lurk
Stab away and try to kill the trickster god.

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Playing some PUBG

Lost most of the time.

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A soundtrack for the end of the world

The soundtrack for Titan Quest: Ragnarök is now on steam. The music to code to tomorrow for me .

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They only call once

The most basic things are now done in my new home. It is possible to walk from one room to another without climbing over things. Time to playing games and coding again. I also think about giving courses on how to get rid of sales people that call your phone. This is the first lesson. Works great all the time.

Scubes: Hello
Sales: Hello, I’m John Doe and I’m calling you with this offer that will let you lower the cost of all your loans from any bank…
Scubes: I’m not at all interested in any shape or form.
Sales: But don’t you want to lower the fee that you have to pay to your bank.
Scubes: No, i like it when it is expensive, it turns me on, it’s a sexual thing, look it up on the internet, real sick shit. It’s how i roll.
Sales: *silence*
Scubes: Goodbye then, please do not call me again.
Sales: Goo … dbye.


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No game, no code makes vim a dull boy

The plan was to start coding today. Computer setup done, shelf full of geek books and almost possible to breathe the air full of paint. It fell apart from me getting sick  and now i mostly eat painkillers. If this headache fade a little I’ll try to play some games and if it fade more I’ll try to get some coding done. Have to look into using the FBX SDK for an FBX exporter.

Worst part is that i have to escape my home tomorrow to avoid the last of the fresh paint. Se if i can find people i dislike in the city and stalk them to make them sick or something.

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At the bathtub of madness

The smell of paint is strong in my home so instead of coding I spent the time in the bathtub. Some people solve problems for kings in the bathtub, I start to wonder how much of a bookshelf my geek books would fill. Time well spent. Now I feel the need to buy more books to fill all of it. Don’t worry if you plan to get into game development, you do not need to read that many books. Gamedev is easy, the free floating of the mind in the bathtub is hard.

All the books about AI did not make me smart enough to avoid buying two of AI Game Programming Wisdom.

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Paint it white

Still hard to walk around in my new home. Tomorrow a painter will show up and paint two of my rooms so i need to keep them empty. My geek room is less geek and more stuffed to the roof with things. Will end the day with some fallout 4 and then sleep. The painter, like all craftspeople, enjoy showing up 2 hours before any sane person get out of bed. I’m sure they bring a power tool to use until i leave .

Yes, i need a reminder what i was doing last time i played this. Quest log, show me the way.

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En dikt till min nya bostad

I now also have internet in my new apartment. Time to clean up a bit so it is possible to walk around. My brother also wrote a poem (in Swedish) about my new home.

Lägenheten den är stor.
Lita på din vise bror.
Sannerligen dig jag säger
att från fakta jag ej väjer.
Bostaden är helt enorm
oaktat dess färg och form.

Yta, kropp och areal.
Världslig? Nej nog mer sakral.
Tänk dig stora siffrors tal.
Står du i en katedral?

Nej, du är på jorden kvar
i en trerumsutopi.
Genom dessa blicken far.
Sinnlig psykoterapi.

Jimmy: Glöm den gamla, lyan,
den som sargat själen tunn.
Glöm den svartmögliga spyan.
Glöm dess onda djävulsmun.

Nu är nu och då var då.
Nya livet ros i hamn.
Badkarsnymfen pockar på.
Sjunk nu in i hennes famn.

Så nu har ni lärt er att
bussåkandet tråkigt är.
Utan glädje, utan skratt..

…dock nödrimsleken är mig kär.

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Feed Me

I now follow around 100 blogs. The topics so far is gamedev, role-playing games and retro games. If you know any cool blog that are worth following tweet me the link. Pimp your blog :).

Tomorrow i move to my new home. See if I’m lucky enough to have a working internet on my first day.

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