Graymer progress

Walls and flats now work in the doom view of graymer. Got the animation on them working also. But to get the lightning i will update to a more recent opengl version so some extra time is needed until next release. Time to stop using opengl 1.1 and go for some shaders :).


When i need to verfiy that graymer show the level right i get a excuse to play some Doom :).

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Graymer progress

So fix the holes and then it’s time for the next release.


Need to fix the crashes to i guess.

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Graymer progress

Basic wall textures working. Next up is the holes in the floor and the floor textures.


Before the holes all over the base got fixed many drunk marines was lost falling down into the moon.

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Graymer dot edition

I need to get going on graymer again. So lets start with doom. First of textures. How hard can it be…


Dot’s will inherit the earth

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Vim’s GameDev Pensieve

To keep track of things i used to know i have started a little wiki for my game development notes. I made it public also in case anyone find it’s random notes useful.

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The Fridge level

Writing on a game pitch as I need to practice my design skills. The sex of one of the main characters depends on events early in the game. No real names for anything yet so I use short code words for each character and this one go by the name SC. I write up the basic idea for the levels and in all levels but one I have managed to be gender neutral when referencing the SC character.  In the level where the character get kidnapped i failed, there I wrote all references to SC as female. She gets punched in the face, she is thrown from the roof, she is put in a fridge (no, SC is not really put in a fridge). Without the Feminist Frequency  videos I would not even have noticed the subconscious change in my writing  for that level.

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Graymer progress

Working on support for Quake in graymer. I have not played that game for some time but  have no problem find my way in the levels as i fly around in them. Scary really how much of my memory is filled the layout of game levels. I see if it can turn it into a nice freefly camera for Graymer that show of the game levels.


So left, down lift, over bridge past door, left, activate bridge, shoot button on left of bridge, take shotgun, back up elevator and take nailgun, down back to first door and to right now, shot planet, go up lift, shot other planet, take quad, towards end of level, hit three button, kill them all, exit.

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Backlog: Doom 3 BFG Edition

Not much gaming done this week but i did play Doom 3: BFG Edition. It includes the Doom II epsidode No Rest for the Living that i never played before and it was great like Doom 2 always is. I also played the Doom 3 episode The Lost Mission and it was a piece of shit like doom 3 always is.

Then when I was done with them both I started the first level of the Doom 3 campaingn with the plan to look into the enhanced graphics that is done for the BFG edition. Game developer nerd here and all. But before i could get that far I notice that the team at Id software had focused on the important things. They have fixed a major problems that existed in the old version of doom 3. No longer do we risk skipping the intro or cutscenes as they have removed that function from the game.

Things to not look good for Doom 4 if the only ones left working at ID is the full time idiots that does not have the mental capacity to find the emergency exit door.

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Ultima Underworld II support in graymer

Time to update graymer to support some more games. First step is an update so it supports Ultima Underworld II. Download it here. I changed it to use the latest Visual Studio version to so if it fails to install and run let me know :).


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Backlog: Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

Done with Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots now. There where some cutscenes.

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