The umbrella Academy


Really great series about a group of superheros with the most messed up childhood possible. The flashbacks with their super not evil father is really fun. Like all Netflix series quality slide a bit and the thrid season is only a bit …. well ok.



I think Bob Odenkirk made this one to get Saul Goodman out of his system by punching people. Fun film with good action scenes and good characters.

The Haunting of hill house


Great horror that is set in two timelines of a haunted house. Everything in is good and as an extra bonus it’s a miniseries with an end. Netflix is very skilled at messing up things in later seasons but no chance of that here :).

Florida Man


Ex-cop return to florida to find the runaway girlfriend of a mobster. Shenanigans ensue. Every character in this series follow the creed of Florida Man and choose the irrational or absurd action if given a choice.

The Gray Man


Some of the action scenes are fun and most characters act like idiots to make the film happen. Critical thinking lobotomy required for this one.



A good predator movie in 2022. Bit of a shock really. The predators film you have to care about is now Predator (1987), Predator 2 (1990) and Prey.

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing


Action role-playing game set in a 19th-century with monsters, evil science and magic. As the son of the vampire hunter Van Helsing from Dracula you explore the fictional kingdom of Borgovia.

The Night Agent


Action thriller television series where an FBI agent protect someone from getting murdered while trying to solve a conspiracy at the top of United States government. Critical thinking brain needs to be off at times to enjoy this one.

Venom - Let There Be Carnage


This was a snoozefest. The Venom and Eddie interactions was a bit more fun but the overall story just made me zone out.

Warrior Nun


A young quadriplegic woman dies and wakes up with super powers. She want to explore her new life but is forced to join an ancient order of warrior nuns to fight demons. Priests say serious things, mad scientist try to open a portal to heaven and she try to get laid. Fun.