The Night Agent


Action thriller television series where an FBI agent protect someone from getting murdered while trying to solve a conspiracy at the top of United States government. Critical thinking brain needs to be off at times to enjoy this one.

Venom - Let There Be Carnage


This was a snoozefest. The Venom and Eddie interactions was a bit more fun but the overall story just made me zone out.

Warrior Nun


A young quadriplegic woman dies and wakes up with super powers. She want to explore her new life but is forced to join an ancient order of warrior nuns to fight demons. Priests say serious things, mad scientist try to open a portal to heaven and she try to get laid. Fun.

The Lincoln Lawyer


Legal drama television series about defense attorney that work out of a chauffeur-driven Lincoln. Fine but a bit to slow to get to the point sometimes.

Che guevara


Everyone favorite marxist guerrilla leader that is the proof that one good image is all you need. Did well in the Cuban Revolution and did a political career in Cube. Got tired of it and went on a revolutions are cool world tour. I did not sell that well so he choose the path of revolution again. Tried a repeat of it in Congo and then did a final insurgency fail and died in Bolivia. [Read More]

Blood red sky


A vampire lady and her son fly on a plane to New York when it is taken over by hijackers. Things turn violent but i feel like the writers wimped out. She is a vampire, she rips people into pieces and it’s fine as they are hijackers. No need to make the hijackers Evil for the viewers to side with her.

The Diplomat


Television series about a new US ambassador to the United Kingdom that try to handle crises while her more popular career diplomat husband is ‘helping’. Good actors and fun characters.

The Strain


Television series about people trying to stop a evil vampiric creature from taking over the world. Season 1 was fine but as always i get annoyed by stupid kids.

Free Guy


Free guy was fun with it’s life in a video game story. Why is there always a bit of a stalker element in these kind of stories :|.