Mists of Pandaria - Dungeons

The Dungeons and Raids of World of Warcraft

With Deathwing gone the alliance and horde animosity flared up again. A naval skimrish crash both factions onto the island of Pandaria. It is home to the martial arts focused pandaren race. They try to live a calm life to avoid awaking the Sha, a malevolent manifestations of negative emotions. Sha are formed from the remains of the Old God Y’Shaarj and they start to flood pandaria now when the war hungry horde fill the land with negative emotions. Only the friendly, good and world saving Alliance can save Pandaria.

Stormstout Brewery

For someone that need to keep the emotions in check the pandaren sure like the booze. There are some strange things inside this brewery but i think we can blame most on the alchol level in the air.

XXX A rabbit with a wheelbarow moving away a giant carrot, i need to get off the sauce

Temple of the Jade Serpent

The temple of wisdom have been invaded by the Sha of Doubt. It’s presence have made some of the temple books come to life. Every library is made better with a talking fish. The fight with Mari in the Fountain of the Everseeing is a bit brooken at a high level so i had to use my fists to don’t kill things to fast. It was very kung-fu fighting with no weapon in the water at least.

XXX Who are you going to trust, me or your lying water

Mogu’shan Palace

The mogu are a titan-forged race that once ruled Pandaria. The empire was destroyed by a pandaren revolution and now they are split into clans that don’t get along. A new king try to unite them and like always it is best solved by killing him. The new mogu alliance start to collpase even before i got to him so i do not think they had much of a chance.

XXX The mogu sure know how to lay to groundwork for a solid alliance

Shado-Pan Monastery

The shado-pan is a secretive faction with very visible giant temple as a home base. They protect pandaria from threats but the surge of the Sha have overun the temple. Fight through each Dojo and defeat the corrupted masters. Part of the area is hard to solo as it is filled with immortal hateful spirits. They only turn mortal when you release the souls of dead pandarend defenders. Not that easy to get done when the spirits try to eat your face.

XXX The Sha of Violence does not give up without a fight

Gate of the Setting Sun

The mantids are a race of insect like creatures. They live in the dread wastes and are seperated from the rest of pandaria by the great wall known as the serpents spine. Why they build a giant gate that could fit the largest of the mantids is a good question. Defend the gate and stop the insects from a buffet of ale marinated pandaren meat.

XXX Go away, we are closed for the night

Siege of Niuzao Temple

The first area you step into is shown in the image below. It look epic. The rest of a dungeon is one big fail with uninspired areas, boring tower defense style battle and the end fight on a sad excuse for a bridge. Feel like the whole dungeons is played in the wrong direction. No idea what is going when it comes to lore. Don’t care.

XXX This is what a end boss fight should look like