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All work and no play

To much work this weekend and to little time to code at home and play games. I will need to fix it this weekend by doing both in excess :).

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Epic Smiley

Got a new smiley today. Now it all feels good :).

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Home Again :)

Back in Sweden now and feels good to sleep in my own bed. To much to do for a while but now all that is needed is a nights sleep and then back to coding and playing games :).

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The return of the Online life

Time to update the computer and see what fun things have happened to ZeroFps while i was lost in the UK :). Might as well add mac support to the ZeroFps engine :).  Also, Some observations made on my trip. … Continue reading

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Eat It

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Some more UK shots

Here are some more shot from my life in UK.

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Home away from home

This is what my current home looks like. A bed, a table and a door more or less. I miss my smileys.

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The Iphone i ordered has now arrived, to bad it is in Sweden and i’m still in the UK . My plan for it is to learn coding and make some fun apps and games that i have been thinking … Continue reading

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Live in the UK

Spending some time in London right now, working day and night. Well, night and night really as i spend most of my time down in a basement :|.

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Erotic Commando

When working on games it’s common to write comment about each change you do to keep track of things and sometimes these comments gets a bit strange. This is my list of comments with any element of strange over the … Continue reading

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