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I am Error

Added Zelda and Borderlands to reviews. Next up is Zelda II.

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HDTV Need++

Tried to connect my PS3 to my monitor but it hates me. I need to get a HDTV.

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Playing Games

Playing some Sniper Elite on the Wii and as always when there is a stealth mission in a game I wonder why the developers do not understand that they need to add some damn feedback before mission failure. I sneak … Continue reading

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Distant Assassin

Playing some sniper elite on my Wii and after finding out that the rifle don’t work that well with the sensor bar below the screen I’m now shooting away at the enemy. It works and the slow motion reward shoot … Continue reading

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Wii Sniper Elite

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I can’t even copy files…

I made my little hello world program for the iphone now but I can’t put it on the phone yet as I’m still waiting for my iphone developer key that will arrive sometime next year :(. So instead I focus … Continue reading

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I now have all the stuff for my iphone development life. Think i will start with a hello world program :).

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Home again

Back in sweden now and soon i can start to play with my iphone. Need to get a computer first so i can start to code for it and i think it will be a Mac mini :).

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The Iphone i ordered has now arrived, to bad it is in Sweden and i’m still in the UK . My plan for it is to learn coding and make some fun apps and games that i have been thinking … Continue reading

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I now also own a PS3 and besides the ability to look at movies with subtitles from now on I can also play games on it . To start of I bought two games and three movies to celebrate it’s … Continue reading

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