World Of Warcraft - Dungeons of Eastern Kingdoms

The Dungeons and Raids of World of Warcraft

I was not insane enough to do raids and high level dungeons in the old days of world of warcraft. So time to visit them now and see what they look like. Easy to solo with twice the levels needed. I started out with the dungeons in the Eastern Kingdoms. In order of level requirement.

The Deadmines

This is the first dungeon for the Alliance players so I played this one before.

Last time i was here I got rid of Edwin VanCleef, the leader of the Defias Brotherhood. Looks like his daughter, Vanessa VanCleef, runs things now with Cookie as “Captain”. Hard to judge this dungeon as it was the first i played. I still like it.

XXX I’m soon on a boat

Shadowfang keep

Never played this one in the old days. Not that impressive really. It’s a castle with undead in it. I killed them so now they are more dead and then I moved on.

XXX I don’t know what they research in here but i’m sure it’s something evil.

The stockade

Placed in the middle of stormwind it is no suprise I played this dungeon before. Small dungeon in the stormwind style. When you hit the level to take on this dungeon you have seen enough of stormwinds walls. The prision riot ended like most prison riots do. Everyone is dead. When my character write down her heroic adventures I think she have to forget to include this one.

XXX Me and my pal Coe ready to lay down the law.


The Gnomes bring the mechs, the miniguns and the comical technology to world of warcraft. No sane person should ever step into any contraption they created. Fun dungeon that every player need to run until they get the Hydrocane for underwater breathing.

XXX Not a good place if you have mech arachnophobia

Scarlet monastery

Home of the Scarlet Crusade, a fanatical sect dedicated to the eradication of the undead. Anyone alive can be a carriers of the blight, a undead sympathizer or become undead in the future so to be safe they kill everyone. The dungeon is split into two instances. The Scarlet halls with the soldiers and the monestary itself with the most fanatical followers and the leaders. Nice place. Would visit again.

XXX Looks like they have done some home improvement since my last time here


The Titans are gods that passed by in long time ago and left some ancient cities behind. Uldaman is one of the cities and it’s now filled with Dark Iron dwarves. Time for a murder quest to clean it out for the Explorers Guild of the dwarves.

XXX I expected this to be a raiders of the lost ark puzzle

The temple of Atal Hakkar

Some trolls try to summon the blood god Hakkar the Soulflayer. Not sure what the plan is beoynd that but i think it is bad. So time to swim down, as the temple is sunken into the Swamp of Sorrows, and stab away at anyone in there. I did play this dungeon in the old days and they have simplified it a bit to much. Not that fun now.

XXX The seaweed is always greener, in somebody else’s lake

Blackrock depths

A huge dungeon with eighten bosses. Must been a slog in the days of classic world of warcraft. The capital city of the Dark Iron dwarves. Dwarves always dig to deep so now they are servants to Ragnaros the Firelord. The entrance to the molten core raid with Ragnaros is at the end of this dungeon.

XXX I blame Tolkien for all the lava in the end of game content

Lower blackrock spire

This was once controlled by the Dark iron dwarves but they have been kicked out by the black dragon Nefarian. In case the the name does not clue you in, Nefarian is evil. He is to cool to be found in a place with lower in the name so he is found in upper blackrock spire. Down here is orcs, ogres and trolls of the Dark horde. They do enjoy demon worship, bloodrage and think the horde are wimps. There sure are many factions to keep track of in this game.

XXX Aka not Moria


Any respectable Scourge Lich need to be able to raise the dead. The place to learn Reanimation 101 is in the School of Necromancy. Not that anyone should think they can take over the world with it as Darkmaster Gandling can’t even take over the ruined city of Andorhal. The dungeon was updated with Mist of Pandaria and look really nice with candles and books.

XXX Excuse me, are you the defense against the dark arts teacher?


This city is a must visit for anyone that have played Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos. The Culling of Stratholme was Arthas first step on the path to evil and madness on his way to be the Lich King. Still burning after all this years it is now split into two dungeons. The west part is controlled by the Risen, former Scarlet Crusaders that now are undead and serve the Burning Legion. Bit of a failed life goal for our Scarlet friends. In the east part the Scourge use the burning city to warm their cold dead bodies. Ruled by Aurius Rivendare, formerly a paladin of the Silver Hand and now a death knight. Things end badly for anyone that oppose the undead in this city. All in all, not the most epic enviroment in this dungeon. It’s a city, on fire. Visit for the lore.

XXX Arthas really messed this place up