World Of Warcraft - Dungeons of Kalimdor

The Dungeons and Raids of World of Warcraft

Next up on my quest to visit all dungeons in World Of Warcraft is the dungeons of Kalimdor. I go by expansion here so nothing from Cataclysm.

Ragefire Chasm

This dungeon is in the center of the city Orgrimmar. Never even been to this city as an Alliance player so i created a horde character to find the entrance in peace. Then i deleted the character and cleaned my keyboard and mouse with disinfectant, death to the horde. This dungeon feels like a much better capital city dungeon then the Stormwind Stockades. It looks different with lava while the Stockades is simply more Stormwind walls.

XXX Flame on worm<

Wailing Caverns

This dungeon is the unforeseen consequences lesson for Druids. Using a connection to the Emerald Dream they tried to restore fertility to the Barrens outside. It did not work and now the caverns is filled with creatures that are all hostile and try to eat your face.

XXX Jurassic Dungeon

Blackfathom Deeps

A partially underwater dungeon filled with naga and satyrs. It is also the home of Aku’mai, a minion of the Old Gods. Where there is something Old Gods there are crazy people. In this case they sacrifice, or feed, people to to Aku’mai. Swim down and stab away in all directions until everyone is dead.

XXX The Guardian of the deep took a while to find


Maraudon is a dungeon that looks great and it is my favority dungeon in the classic world of warcraft. Home of the centaurs, a tribal race that is half-humanoid, half-horse. I’m a bit biased towards dungeons with water but it say this one is a must visit. Look at that waterfall.

XXX The water sing the words of the earth

Razorfen Kraul

Covered in massive thorn-ridden vines this dungeon is controlled by the quilboars, a race of boar-like humanoids. The thorns give this place a unique feel like your are almost outdoors.

XXX I’m here to return a crystal to Charlga Razorflank. How about you let me pass?

Razorfen Downs

Downs is not far from Razorfen Kraul and it is covered in the same type of vines. Once a capital city of the quilboar race it is now ruled by the Scourge.

XXX Great concert, but the crowd is a bit dead. Wish u where here!!!


A large outdoor instance and I think it was one of the first where you could use a mount inside the instance. Filled with trolls it let’s you take on the mini-bosses in any order. Even possible to get to the end boss Ukorz Sandscalp without killing most of the mini-bosses. I like it by the simple fact that once you get to it you have seen lots of literal dungeons so this is a nice change of scenery.

XXX I need to get Mekgineer’s Chopper and drive down this.

Dire Maul

This was once a Highborne city but it is now a ruin filled with ogres, satyrs and some undead to spice things up. The Highborne was the elves of old before they split up into good and evil as by the rules of fantasy. The good ones is now called Night Elf’s and the evil ones turned into Naga’s and Satyrs’s. There are still a few Highborne left that seems to spent the last 10,000 years just standing around waiting for some hero to kill them. A nice dungeon but it has three-wings and i always get lost on where to go next.

XXX You keep what you kill in a Chronicles of Riddick style way in Dire Maul