The Burning Crusade - Dungeons

The Dungeons and Raids of World of Warcraft

The first expansion for World of Warcraft is set in the shattered world of Outland. Once known as Draenor it is the homeworld of the orcs. Now it is controlled by the demons of the Burning Legion with Illidan Stormrage as lord of the Black Temple. Into the dark portal to stab him in the face. Wand him in the face in my case as i play a wizard. Unlike the base game most dungeons are now grouped into a number of hubs so there is less flying around to visit them all.

Hellfire Citadel

This large fortress was a base for the Horde when they used the Dark Portal to invade Azeroth. Not known for thinking outside the box the orcs are doing the same thing again. The pit lord Magtheridon is captured in the citadel and they are using his blood to corrupt themselves into a new horde. Not even shy about it they are namned the Fel Horde to clue in everyone about their demonic powers.

Hellfire Ramparts

This dungeon puts you on top of the Citadel and give a nice view of the landscape until your get your flying mount. Four bosses to waste and not much more to say about it.

XXX I do not see my player owned house from here

Blood Furnace

This is the place where they inject orcs with demon blood and kill the ones that try to resist. The hallway with the blood injection machines looks nice.

XXX I like that you can look down and see the boss of a later raid below

Shattered Halls

The final dungeon in Citadel ends with a fight with the leader of the Fel Horde, Kargath Bladefist. Like everyones fist Cyberpunk 2020 character he has replaced his hands with weapons. Did not end well for him.

XXX Not to rain on your parade but fire is so base game

Coilfang Reservoir

Below the Serpent lake in Zangarmarsh is Coilfang Reservoir. It is filled with Naga that try to drain the lake to a create a swamp to roll around in. Swim down and drown them all in blood.

Slave Pens

Draining lakes is hard work so the Naga have enslave creatures of Zangarmarsh to get it done. A dungeon filled with slave that pickaxe things and slave masters that need to die.

XXX It was like this big but it got away


This part of Coilfang Reservoir is not controlled by the Naga so it is filled with creatures from Zangarmarsh. Still want to kill you but at least they do it to eat you and not to complete some evil plan. There is the hydra Ghaz’an that is friends with the naga so time to collect some blood for another bathtub.

XXX Very relaxing place

The Steamvault

Home of all the evil machinery the Nagas use to drain the lake. Pipes that go in all directions. I guess you need slaves with pickaxes and pipes to drain a lake.

XXX A machine for Nagas


Auchindoun was a mausoleum use by the Draenei until it was destroyed by the summoning of the elemental Murmur. It contains the powerful remains of the naaru D’ore and many factions now fight for control over Auchindoun. Each wings gives a hint of what enemies to expect inside.


The mana tombs are controled by a faction of ethereals. They are astral travelers from the Twisting Nether that look for arcane items and artifacts. Some of them are friendly but this is a evil faction. We do not accept people raiding the tombs of the dead for artifacts on Outland. Get in there, kill them and take the artifacts for ourselves. Hey, we did not take it from the dead, we only carry it out.

XXX You can see the mana in the air

Auchenai Crypts

The Auchenai is a sect of the Draenei that were the original guardians of Auchindoun. They kind of failed on the job with Murmur so now they have gone insane and play around with necromancy. As you do, one antidepressants a day keep the necromancy away.

XXX Bridge over evil waters

Sethekk Halls

The Arakkoa are a race of bird-like humanoids native to Draenor. The Sethekk is a faction of them are awaiting the return of the raven god. When you are in a tomb of the dead and waiting for the return of your good would you should not be suprised if it turns out to be evil.

XXX Bird is the word

Shadow Labyrinth

The Shadow Council is a group of warlocks that serve the demons of the Burning Legion. This place is filled with demons, orcs and as an final touch the elemental Murmur.

XXX I think we can be almost sure they are up to something evil

Tempest Keep

This is a flying fortress with three satellites wings. Filled with angry Blood elves that try to collect the energy the Netherstorm. The forth wing, the Exodar, is now crashed on Azeroth and act as the Draenei capital.

The Botanica

This section is used by the blood elf to do experiments on the flora in Outland. Many angry plants in this dungeon. You can fight nature in this game.

XXX Some plants just want to watch the world burn

The Mechanar

In this dungeon the blood elves store the Netherstorm energy in to manacells to use for their evil plans. Very star trek word, manacells.

XXX The Halo art style, everything is transparent or glows

The Arcatraz

Every respectable fortress need a prision for the lords enemies and Tempest Keep have the Alcatraz. Well, the naaru spell it the Arcatraz. The blood elves don’t care about it so they sent a warden to keep it in order and forget about it. Warden Mellichar is now listning in on the old god lies and a prision break is about to start. So we are killing prisoners now.

XXX She did bring four swords to a wand fight

Caverns of Time

The Caverns of Time is a cluster of dungeons and raids that is located in the eastern part of Tanaris. It contains portals to different key historical evenst and the bronze dragonflight works to stop the infinite dragonflight from interupting the timeline. Think of it all like a time police episode of Star Trek. But with dragons.

Escape from Durnholde Keep

This dungeon returns the player to a Hillsbrad Foothills before the Scourge. The goal is to help Thrall, the future leader of the Horde to escape from slavery. The foothills look nice and it is fun to explore the are before it got messed up.

XXX … and in the end it turned out it was the goblin that did it

Opening of the Dark Portal

Help open the Dark Portal to Draenor to let the orcs invade Azeroth. Takes place in a nice swamp that the Dark portal then turned into the Blasted lands. The Nagas would not approve of your actions Medivh. The dungeon is not that fun to play as it is a whack-a-monster game while Medivh is stuck in his summon animation.

XXX I’m i the bad girl?

Magisters’ Terrace

The Magisters’ Terrace is a dungeon on the Isle of Quel’Danas. In it the Blood elf Kael’thas Sunstrider work on his plan to summon the commander of the burning legion, Kil’jaeden, to Azeroth. Nice dungeon that is both indoor and outside areas. Should really be a guide for what order to play all dungeons and raids for it to make sense with the story. Hard to make sense of it all.

XXX Spinning spheres but close enough