The Burning Crusade - Raids

The Dungeons and Raids of World of Warcraft

Time for the raids in The Burning Crusade.


Huge dungeon in a tower that once was the home of Medivh. The whole place is a like one giant clue that the mage was a bit of a megalomaniac. I did have some problems with the boss The Curator. Turned out he was immune to arcane magic. I sure looked stupid with all my pure arcane spells. I hade to much hitpoints for him to kill me and i could not damage him. I solved it by throwing myself down the tower with feather fall to get away, hid using stealth and then picked fire focus and got some spells for it. Up the tower again and flame on. Give me 15 more years and will try the frost specialization next.

XXX Some people waited to long for the food in here

Gruul’s Lair

A pure boss dungeon with Gruul the Dragonkiller as the final boss. When playing a dungeon close to twice the required level it is not much of a challange. I just walk in and press the nuke button in my quickbar. Any spell really. So not much to say about pure boss dungeons. It’s like a room, with walls and there is a boss in it. You kill it, loot and get out.

XXX Not sure you can call yourself king unless you are in the last room of the dungeon

Magtheridon’s Lair

Another pure boss dungeon. The boss was seen before in another dungeons so nice bit of foreshadow. A few guard mobs doing the classic world of warcraft ‘keep the boss bound with magic’ action.

XXX Not the most stimulating work so they solve rubik’s cubes to stay sharp

Serpentshrine Cavern

Time top stop Lady Vashj and here nagas from destroying Zangarmarsh. I missed that there was an elevator and jumped down the hole when it was down at the end. Not a high perception wizard. Nice large dungeon with water and bridges to walk across.

XXX Had to google the Vashj fight to know what to do

The Eye

Death in World of Warcraft is not something you worry about. You die, you corpse run and then you are back at it again. I think the experience is about the same for most NPC’s. Major characters return from death all the time. After i killed Kael’thas in this raid he return in the Magisters’ Terrace dungeon. I just have to accept that no one ever dies in world of warcraft. Boss fight with him was cool at least, summons a number of flying weapons you have to fight with.

XXX Kael’thas Sunstrider Will Return in “Shadowlands”

Battle for Mount Hyjal

More star trek time travel and this time to help stop Archimonde from destroying the World Tree Nordrassil. First some fights to slow down the burning legion and then a fight with Archimonde. Nice to be outside and fight in the fresh open air.

XXX Put away your felbeam and step away from the tree

Black Temple

Sneak in the sewers, kill every boss while fighting your way to the top and in the end kill Illidan Stormrage. There is a mix of all the allies to Illidan but the standout place for me was the Shrine of Lost Souls and it’s boss Reliquary of Souls.

XXX I think i rest for a while, in the Den of Mortal Delights

Sunwell Plateau

The Sunwell is a mystical pool of energy that the Burning Legion now try to use to summon their commander, Kil’jaeden. Not the best idea as far as the people of Azeroth is concerned so time to do hero things and stop it.

XXX I’m a bit tired of demons now to be honest