Warlords of Draenor - Dungeons and Raids

The Dungeons and Raids of World of Warcraft

Before Outlands was ripped apart it was known as Draenor. It was the homeworld of the orcs, the draenei and other races. Like gronn, ogres, and the bird-like arakkoa. It was a nice place until Gul’dan and the Burning Legion destroyed it. But all stories get out of hand with time travel. Nothing die in world of warcraft, not even planets. Garrosh Hellscream escape from his trial and flee to Draenor before the events of Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness. It creates a alternate timeline where we can both visit Outlands in the present and Draenor in the past with diffent events taken place. Looks like Chromie and the time police are a bit more relaxed with fixing the timeline when the plot demands it. So all legendary characters from Warcraft’s past return. The large thing in this expansion was to let you build a instanced Garrison in Draenor so you don’t have to see other players. That is what every Massive multiplayer online game needs, less player interaction.

Here I included the raids as there is only three. All things are grouped by the zone they are in.

Upper Blackrock Spire

The chieftains, or warlords, of the orc clans in Draenor form the Iron Horde. The plan is fight the the Burning Legion and to invade Azeroth. The Upper Blackrock Spire dungeon is repurposed as the main base for the Iron Horde in Azeroth. In the main timeline of today. I think. All of them really exist at the same time anyway to let players do old content. Whatever. The Iron Horde are in Upper Blackrock Spire and need to die. It’s the same dungeon as before but Blackrock Spire was always nice so it’s fine. It’s all fine.

XXX This area is still hot after all these year

Shadowmoon valley

The valley have some draenei settlements, a orc fortress and the draenei temple Karabor. Karabor was later known as the Black Temple in Outland. Gul’dan is mostly responsible for the way the valley was messed up. Visit the Altar of Damnation in Outland timeline of Shadowmoon valley to see a vision of the ritual.

Shadowmoon Burial Grounds>

This site was once the final resting place for generations of Shadowmoon clan orcs. Chieftain Ner’zhu now use it as a source of power. He sacrifice the ancestral spirits and raise the bodies as undead to serve the Iron Horde. I don’t care, it has water and i like dungeons with water. They all float down there.

XXX Bat cave

Spires of Arak

The land of the Arakkoa, Draenor’s bird-like humanoids. Skyreach is the captial city and at the top the winged Arakkoa look down and laugh and the wingless ones. The bird is not the word, civil war is the word. The only part of Spires of Arak that remain in Outland is the village of Skettis that is turned into the new Arakkoa capital city.


The winged rulers of Skyreach use ancient artifacts to build a crystal superweapon that focus the power of the sun. The plan to clean up Draenor by using it to incinerate lesser races. If you have no wings you will burn.

XXX Moooarre power


The homeland of the Draenei contains Shattrath City and the Auchindoun. This zone is called Terokkar Forest in Outlands.


Auchindoun was a mess in Outland so it’s nice to be able to visit the draenei mausoleum-city when it’s still standing. To bad we only get to see a very small part of it. Think they should made this dungeon larger so we could previsit some of the areas from Outland.

XXX Graveyards are like battery storage for necromancers in World of Warcraft


Nagrand was one of the more memorable zones in Outlands. Fun to see what it looks like before it was shredded. One ogre empire and two orc clans call it home.

Highmaul - Raid

Hard to belive there was an ogre’s Empire. They are more smash then build. Highmaul is the capital and it is a large outdoor dungeon with some indoor areas. First part is a gladiator fight then explore the city and finally visit Imperator Mar’gok’s citadel.

XXX Are You Not Entertained?

Zangar Sea

The sea between Nagrand and Frostfire ridge is filled with huge blue mushrooms and not much more. In Outlands it have drained and turned into the swamp Zangarmarsh.

Frostfire ridge

The mix of snow and lava makes this zone look great. To bad it and Gorgrond formed the boring Blade’s Edge Mountains in Outland.

Bloodmaul Slag Mines

This looks like a classic World of Warcraft dungeon with stone, fire and lava. It would fit right in with Blackrock Spire if they could find anymore space in the mountain. The ogres use slaves to mine for ore and to throw them into the lava. Classic ogre managment style.

XXX 0 days without an accident


The north-west part of this zone is rocks and the south-east is jungle. There is some form of fight going on between earth elemental powers and sentient plants. In any case they both want to kill everything including human wizards.

Iron Docks

This is the main port where the Iron Horde builds warships and outfit them with artillery. It’s is a outdoor dungeon with the dreadnaught Blackhand’s Might using uninvited guests for target practice. Artillery is a good way to tell people it is time to leave.

XXX This might be a problem

Grimrail Depot

To get the Blackrock Foundry weapons out to the warfronts the Iron horde use a train known as Grimrail. It’s a massive train with troops, artillery and no safty rails. This dungeons start in the Grimrail Depot until one get on the train and travel away across Gorgrond. Fight across each wagon to the front of the train and then crash it into a cliffside. Works about the same as the swedish railway system. This dungeon was fun.

XXX Murder on the grimrail express. I killed them, I killed them all and I would do it again

The Everbloom

Some of the lesser minds in Kirin Tor created a portal connection between Gorgrond and Stormwind city. That is what you do when you deal with a murderous form of plantlife, you invite them home. After all the time i help Dalaran i demand i get a house in the city. So get into the outdoor zone, stab my way to the Genesaur Yalnu and kill him before he eat’s Stormwind. Wait, i should get a house in stormwind to. Where is my player house Blizzard.

XXX Happy plants here to hug me

Blackrock Foundry - Raid

The Blackrock Foundry build weapons for the Iron Horde and it is also the home of the Blackrock orc clan. Many different areas to explore and peon’s that work work. The blockrock ore is nice but i’m a wizard and i do not use filthy armor or crude weapons. Fun to see that they use shamans to summon a fire elemental into the furnaces.

XXX I can fix it for you, i’m good at Factorio

Tanaan jungle

This green jungle was turned into the Hellfire Peninsula in Outland. The Blasted Lands on the other side of the portal used to be a swamp. Try to grow away in the other direction if you are a plant close to a dark portal.

Hellfire Citadel - Raid

The final raid of Warlords of Draenor with Archimonde as the last boss. Draenor is like the fanfiction World of Warcraft, kill everyone from the lore and show you can do it better. Like most dungeon the first outdoor part is a bit meh but it get’s better inside. I wonder how much of the Iron Horde war budget goes to building all these large impressive dungeons.

XXX Xhul’horac getting charged by fel magic and the void