Legion - Dungeons

The Dungeons and Raids of World of Warcraft

After the time paradox that was/is/will be Warlords of Draenor the alternate version of Gul’dan travel to Azeroth. His goal is to open a portal for the burning legion and summon his master Sargeras, the leader of the Burning Legion. Most of the events takes place on the Broken Isles, an island near the Maelstrom in the middle of the great sea. Lost contients pop-up so often it must be hard to a be a cartographer in Azeroth.


The easternmost zone of Broken Isles is called Stormheim and is home to a large population of vrykul. They live the warrior lifestyle both in life and death. War never ends.

Halls of Valor

The vrykuls that prove themselfs as great warriors spend the afterlife in the halls of valor. Drink, eat and punch each other while waiting for the great wars that the titan Odyn see in the future. The even have a nice hunting ground so they can walk around outside and kill things. As a Swede i take no offense whatsoever if this alcoholic infused depiction of my culture. I will point out that a rainbow bridge like that whould lose at least half the souls when they stumble drunk over the edge.

XXX Bridge of Death

Maw of Souls

The vrykul that fail to impress in combat get to spend eternity in Helheim. To get there they are ferryed across the maw of souls on the ship Naglfar. On the boat is Helya, the ruler of Helheim but she managed to escape in the end. It was fun to kill Ymiron, the one-time king of the vrykul of Northrend, again. See if we can kill him again in Shadowlands. Still nice trip, slightly rotten food but would sail again.

XXX Ship of damned


Suramar is the captial city of the Nightborne. They are night elves that have been transformed by the Nightwell, the ancient power source in the city. They drink the energy from the well in the form of arcwine and without it they turn into a mindless feral withered creatures. The leaders of the city is allied with the Burning legion. It is still possible to visit they city if one masqurade as a nightborn.

The Arcway

Below Suramar is a winding network of tunnels that transfer the power of the nightwell to the rest of the city. Filled with mana it have more or less messed up all forms of life including some angry spiders.

XXX Nope

Court of Stars

This dungeon is an instanced version of parts of the city. In it you get to explore the city in disguise looking for the target to kill. The nobles of the city feast on arcwine while the rest of the city starve. Any dungeon that does something new is a fresh nice suprise. Even start with a nice dishonred style boat intro.

XXX I want a mask of metal


A zone with night elves ghosts and ruins of the night elf civlization from before the Great Sundering. Queen Azshara messed up this place good.

Eye of Azshara

A outdoor dungeon where that is filled with naga and other water adjacent creatures. They try to summon something evil like always. Nice view with the crashed ships but not much else that stand out. One strange thing is that there is a uninstanced version of this dungeon south of Dalaran. There is nothing there but some random mobs.


Vault of the Wardens

The night elves are an old race so they have had some time to do some stupid things. In classic warcraft fashion they do not incinarate the misstakes in lava, instead they store them in a vault somewhere. Things such as they body of Illidan Stormrage. Not like old relics created problems before. Stupid pointy ears think they are so smart.

XXX If you can simply point to the vault of the betrayer on this map


This forest zone is where the night elves druids started playing with trees. I assume they dance naked in the forest when no other race is looking.

Darkheart Thicket

Parts of Val’sharah are covered by the ancient world tree Shaladrassil. The area below the tree is filled with satyrs that try to spread the corruption of the Emerald Nightmare. Most of the inhabitants are insane and like in ye olden days madness is best cured by death.

XXX My bark is worse then my bite

Black Rook Hold

This was a great elven fortress during the War of the Ancients. Gul’dan did some evil ritual things in it and now the holds old inbhitants has returned as ghosts. Corrupted they think the living are demons.

XXX Im sure it’s 3D6, if nothing else the warham… warcraft rulebook is right there

I been here before

There are two dungeons that we get to revisit in this expansions.

Assault on Violet Hold

Dalaran have moved to the Broken Isles to act as a base for the Allience and the Horde. Even when they park the city within fireball range of the burning legion they keep prision security as lax as always. Bit of a waste this dungeon as it is simply Violet Hold part two with no real changes. Get in and murder everyone/bring justice until everyone is calm/dead.

XXX If you remembered me from last time you would all stay behind bars, or force fields

Return to Karazhan

This Dungeon from the Burning Crusade return with a new entrance that modify it for the current story. Not my thing really. I want new stuff.

XXX Relax with style

Random dungeons

Neltharion’s Lair

Before deathwing went all murderspree he was known as Neltharion. Like any respectable dragon he choose to live in a dungeon. Not sure how anyone could miss the lava lake in his dungeon. Lava lakes are like the number one clue that you will go dark side in World of Warcraft. The waterslide at the start of the dungeon was nice.

XXX This snail race is all i need

Cathedral of Eternal Night

The broken shore is the island where the Legion invade Azeroth this time. It’s the location of the Tomb of Sargeras where they imprisoned the remains of leader of the legion the last time he visited. It was once a temple to Elune, the moon goddess of the night elves, so it looks nice.

XXX The one eyed librarian really let this place down

Seat of the Triumvirate

The only dungeon on Argus is the hall from where Velen, Archimonde, and Kil’jaeden once ruled the eredar. The Triumvirate, a regime ruled by three individuals, known to work well and without conflict since the days of the Roman Republic. Enter stage left Sargeras and it all falls apart into death, fire and the Burning Legion. I wonder if anyone has made a graph of how many times the main cast of Warcraft have form alliances and betrayed each other. It would be like a spiders web that loop onto itself with all the time travel and return from death. The dungeon itself is a meh.

XXX Can i borrow your dark magic door thing, it would be useful in other dungeons