High on Life
Aliens invade and turn humans into drugs for aliens to get high on. Run around with living alien guns that talk and shoot the evil drug syndicate. The humor in the game from to gun is hit-and-miss. Sometimes fun, sometimes not but they were not as annoying as i thought they world.

Tomb Raider
Not bad but it's a bit too much a step away from the old games. They had more exploration and puzzles, and this new game is shooter in a Lara suit. The sliding down slopes and the running when things fall apart section got boring fast. Not much in way of tombs to speak of.

Assassins Creed Syndicate
I think the writer had seen Gangs of New York a bit to many times. Not much i enjoyed in this game. Tiresome missions and side quests. Feels like they reused the boss fight from Unity.

Assassin's Creed Unity
The closer to present day the less entertaining. Meh characters and the main story was even more meh. Meh is the word.

Alone In The Dark
Worked on this early in development so it was extra fun to walk around in all the levels and see what had changed :).