The Callisto Protocol
Space horror where they main character climb in vents, squeeze between walls and get knocked out. All of them so often it borders on comedy. It looks good but everything in it is paint by numbers dull.

Homefront: The Revolution
The semi open world of Philadelphia is nice and you take over zones far cry style. The only thing that really annoyed me was the spawning and despawning of enemies. Stealth style is a bit hard when they sometime vanish into thin air or pop in from nothing. Story was bland and character was like dead wieght i did not care about.

Something that i did like was the mission requirement to shoot the surgeons that was working in the torture facility.

The campaign is short and that is great as it is really bad. It's like a 4 hour quicktime event. Get escorted to area, stand on the right spot and shoot/press use button and then move on.

Diablo 4
Played as a Barbarian and it was good. The walking arsenal feature of the barbarian was nice where you carry multiple types of weapon that can be used by different skills. A bit repetitive dungeons with variations of find two keys and then fight a boss. Some more cool set pieces in the campaign would be nice to.

I played this once. It had a Particle Cannon.