1000cc Turbo
In the dark age there where no steam, GOG or Uplay. You played what you had. Even if it was a type of game you did not like at all. Meh.

1943: The Battle of Midway
Sequel to 1942 and this time you get to shoot at both the airplanes and ships.

3D Pool
In 1989 3D was next gen so pool in 3D was cool.

688 Attack Sub
Fight it out below the sea as an American or Soviet attack submarines.

A.M.C.: Astro Marine Corps
Sideways scrolling shooter where you blast aliens and walk to the end. Looks bad and plays bad.

Adventures of Robin Hood, The
Play as Robin Hood and try to reclaim your castle from the evil Sheriff. Populous style view and a fun world to explore.

Alien Breed
Top-down shooter that takes everything it can from the movie Aliens. Clean out each level of the space station and then take the lift down to the next one. You collect money that can be used to buy weapons or more ammo for all the aliens that keep spawning from the holes in the ground. Keys are needed for doors and some doors are one way so one need to be careful to not get stuck in a room with no keys . The only thing I really dislike about the game is that every levels end in a timed run to the lift. If you fail it is game over no matter how many re-spawns you had left.

Alien Breed: Tower Assault
Sent to investigate a scientific outpost on a far off planet your shuttle crash and the only way out is to kill all the aliens in top-down perspective. Collect keys, money and weapons and kill everything that moves.

Another World
Side-scrolling adventure game where your avatar is transported to another world and you need to try to survive in it. Not much guidelines so you really have to guess what to do next and die and try again. Art style might be fun in 91 but all that is left now is a boring game.

Control a platform at the bottom of the screen and use a ball to hit bricks and collect powerups and go to the next level. Repeat until pass out from lack of sleep.

3D combat simulator with tanks and planes. Collect five parts of a neutron bomb and use it the destroy the enemys beam cannon. You search the map while at the same time you destroy the enemys generators to delay the completion of the beam cannon.

Axels Magic Hammer
Platform game where you play a boy with a magic hammer that he use to kill of monsters and destroy blocks that hold powerups.

Barbarian: The Ultimate Warrior
Fighting game where you use your sword to cut down the minions to a evil wizards and then the wizard himself to save the princess (sigh). Plays like a tournament where you and one opponent settle thing one on one. Also possible to play two players against each other.

Battle chess
A chess game where the pieces are animated figures that show a small fight when you defeat of them. Make chess slightly more fun until you remember that it's still chess.

Battle squadron
Vertically scrolling shooter where two player is the most fun way to play.

Beyond the ice palace
Short game that is extented into infinity by classic 80's style difficulty. Games where you jump is not my thing.

Black Viper
The world is destroyed in a nuclear war and you drive from town to town on your motorcycle to save it. Not sure how it will be saved but on the way you need to shoot down all these cars and other motorcycles that get in your way. Real ugly game here that really do not work at all.

Rpg / Adventure game with a cyberpunk / vampire setting.

Bubble Bobble
Two players support is epic every game and so also in a game where you are a cute dragon that blow bubbles.

Budokan: The martial spirit
Fighting game where you get to fight in a tournament. Before you do you must train and you can practice using Karate, Bo, Kendo or Nunchaku.

California Games
Branching of from the summer and winter games series this is set in california with a collection of outdoor sports games.

Carrier Command
Control your carrier and use it to take over islands so you get enough power to find and destroy the other carrier. The movie is not done by me (none of the movies i link to are) but it provides a good overview of the game.

Chambers of Shaolin
This fighting game is made up of two parts and in the first you train you characters skills for the tournament in the second part of the game. Training is done by many exercises such as balancing on trees and dodging someone attacking you with a stick. The better you do the more strength and stamina you will have in the tournament. Fighting in the tournament is similar to many other fighting games were you kick your way to the next level. Training is not friendly for your joystick so you needs a whole box of tac-2?s to play games like this.

Chessmaster 2000
Note to self, chess is not fun. Do not play such games again.

Chip's Challenge
Puzzle solving on a time limit is not my favorite thing but this game is still a bit ;) fun. Solve the puzzles and collect all the chips in each level to move on to the next.

Chuck rock
Another platformer with the goal to save your girl, this time as the caveman Chuck. Belly punch stange creatures and throw rocks at them. The band playing in the main menu is more fun then playing the game.

City Defence
In this game you have two defense towers and you select the one to shoot from with the mouse buttons. The goal is to shoot down the incoming missiles so they don?t destroy any of your towns. It all goes on wave after wave and each one is a little faster. Not a fun game at all really :(.

Conflict: Europe
Play World War 3 scenerarios fighting as NATO vs the Warsaw Pact over central Europe. Nuclear winter is coming.

Defender of the Crown
Strategy game where you try to take over all of England in the Middle Ages.

Dogs of War
Shoot- em-up seen from above with a world that scrolls as you move along and kill everything. Can be played with two players.

F1 GP Circuit
Racing game where you always drive up the screen in cars such as McLoren and the Lotas. There is nothing good in this game really, bad music, bad art, bad gameplay. Did not manage to find any movie of this game and i will not pollute the Internet with one.

Fright Night
Arcade style adventure game based on the movie. You play a vampire and walk around your mansion looking for people to feed on.

Future Tank
Top down tank game.

Take to role of Hercules in the action game.

Golden axe
Beat-'em-up with support for two players. Select to play as a barbarian, dwarf or amazon and fight your way to final foe, Death-Adder. I like that you can knock of riding enemies and steal their steed. Grand Theft Dragon.

Gravity Force
In this game you fly a small transport ship inside caves and transport cargo boxes between different airports. You can only take a limited number of boxes and they have different sizes so you need to plan ahead a little so you fly as few runs as possible. There are also unfriendly ships that you need to fight and force fields that try to pull your ship into the cave walls.

Based on a board game that I have never played. It feels like a straight port of the game.

Hill Street Blues
Top-down strategy/action game based on the TV drama by the same name. Patrol on foot or by car and try to solve the crimes in the city.

Get in and rescue the hostages. Rainbow six in 2d

Ikari warriors
Shoot- em-up seen from above with a world that scrolls as you move along and kill everything. Can be played with two players. Also possible to drive tanks

Indiana Jones and the fate of atlantis
Another point and click Indy game. Same as the last really.

Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade
Games from movies are more or less doomed to fail and this one sure does. It s so boring that it can act like a reaction test for how fast you can throw yourself on the off switch on your computer.

Indianapolis 500: The Simulation
Simulator of the Indianapolis 500 race from a first person perspective. Many options to modify on the car so you can crash into the wall as good as possible. No, I'm not that good at car games.

International Karate +
Fun fighting game with three characters battle it out on the screen.

It Came from the Desert
Evil ants attack in this Them! like game.

Jimmy White's Whirlwind Snooker
Nice pool game.

Joan of Arc: The Siege & The Sword
Fight for France and throw out the British. You play as the the king with the mission to take control of all the provinces.

Kick Off
Top down football game. Why do i play all these sports game, i hate them all :|.

Kid Pool
Top down game that has no options, no good control system and they physics on the balls are bad to.

King's Quest: Quest for the Crown
Adventure game where you explore the fantasy world of Daventry to collect three lost treasures to become the next king.

This is a isometric game were you control four characters on a epic quest to save the world. Most of the time you are down in the dungeons but it is also possible to travel the world map between the towns and fight the armies of chaos that walk around there.

Each of the characters have their own special ability. The berserker can go into rage and do more damage and the assassin can hide from monsters and do more damage when attacking from behind. There is also the troubadours that can play songs to boost the skills of all the characters and finally there is the wizard that can use magic. The game have a fun magic system were you used different runes to form spells and you can create spells that turn the whole screen in one big magic storm.

Leisure Suit Larry: In the Land of the Lounge Lizards
Enjoy the glorious life of Larry and enter commands to get him to move forward in life.

Guide the not so bright lemmings to the exit. They drop out in the level one by one and then you need to assign task to some of them so they majority of them reach the exit. For example tell one of them to dig a path into a wall, a stair up or to stand and block the others so they don't walk over a cliff edge. You often have a limit on how many of each you can use, say max 9 diggers on a level so you need to plan ahead to keep as many of them safe. If you fail you can always push to bomb key that turn all lemmings into walking bombs that explodes in cute pixel clouds

Puzzle game where you need to use your cars laser cannon to destroy a reactor on each level and then use the exit transporter. Your car can only drive on the road so you also has tanks and flyers that can carry things such as mirror and lenses to modify the laser shots you shot so you can hit things not visible from the road.

Adventure game that are to short and to linear for my taste.

Lords of the Rising Sun
Take over Japan with a mix of strategy and arcade-style mini games.

Lords of war
Use a shield defend your castle and try to hit the other players castle with the bouncing skull.

Lost Patrol
Guide the surviving soldiers of a helicopter crashes back to base.

Lotus Turbo Challenge 2
Arcade driving where you try to complete each track before the time runs out to get to the next.

Breakout style game where you can have one paddle on each side of the screen and control all at the same time.

Ball and paddle game where you destroy blocks at top of screen. Something feel off with the ball/paddle in this game and the power-ups are boring.

Midnight Resistance
Side scrolling shoot'em up with levels and in each level a end boos that need to die. You can shop for new weapons as you progress in the game and for currency you use keys that you take from the people you kill. Possible to play the game with two players and as always it's more fun that way :)

Millennium 2.2
You control a colony on the moon and your goal is to explore the solar system and collect enough resources to re inhabit earth. Not that hard until you find out there is another colony that think that they are the ones that should inherit earth.

Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge
Guybrush search for the a treasure and resurect LeChuck as a zombie. Stange ending.

Walk around the board and try to get rich.

Moonstone: A Hard Days Knight
Very fun hack'n slash game that supports up to four players. You play on of four knights that have been chosen to search for the moonstone. You travel the world map and visit lairs and search for the four keys to the valley of the gods. The knight who have these can enter the valley of the gods and get a moonstone that can be used at Stonehenge to receive the blessing of ultimate power. There are also a dragon flying around that like to eat knights and it's best to avoid him at the start if the game.

Narco Police
Tunnel crawler where you control squads of cops hunting down drug labs.

Navy Seals
Side scrolling action based on the movie. Kill people, plant bombs, go home.

This was not fun. I set my own goal that I would play until I managed to avoid getting in last place once. Never been so happy to see one of the AI cars get stuck on a wall.

North & South
Strategy game about the American civil war with a comical cartoon style. You move around you troops in a strategic view and then in tactical view you command a single battle and fight it out with you infantry, cannons and calvary.

Nuclear War
Set in the Cold War area were you play one of the worlds insane leaders on a mission to nuke away everyone as long as you are the one that die s last.

Oil Imperium
Strategy game were you build or own oil empire.

Race along the five stages in a Ferrari and select the path to take at the end of each stage. No driving skill so i never got to the final stage.

Over the net
Volleyball game and like all other sport games it's no fun.

Eat the dot's and stay away from the ghosts. You can also jump to avoid the ghosts and with four levels this should make a great game if not for the fact that pac-man games are sad and dull whatever they contain.

Adventure game that runs on a time limit so you need to replay a lot to complete it.

Panza Kick Boxing
Fun fighting game where you can customize your attacks, train and fight your way to victory. Annoying referee that you can't kick down.

Persian Gulf Inferno
Side scrolling action where you search a oil rig for a bomb to keep it from blowing up while at the same time getting shot at by people that like to see it blow up.

Phantasie III: The Wrath of Nikademus
Fantasy role-playing game where the enemy to no ones suprise is an evil sorcerer that is trying to take over the world.

Pinball Dreams
Before Battlefield there was pinball games and this is the first one of three that Digital Illusions did for the Amiga. Physics works fine and the table looks nice. The most fun table was the nightmare one.

Pinball Fantasies
Second pinball game from Digital Illusions on the Amiga and i think this is the best of the three. The best table was Stones and Bones. Best graphic in this to as i think they added to much clutter in the next game.

Pinball Illusion
Last pinball game for the Amiga from Digital Illusions. This game has three tables to pick from and i liked BabeWatch the most. They also had learned some basic 3D when they made this game and the knowledge was used to create the most ugly main menu possible.

Pinball Wizard
Pinball games are really not my thing. I know some people wish to have a pinball machine at home but i think it is painful enough to have one on the computer. This is one of the first Amiga pinball games, from 1987 and there is not much to enjoy in this game. One board only and large part of the screen is wasted on a stupid score and settings display. The gameplay do not work that well when the ball bounce around like a cube made out of tar.

Pipe mania
Build a pipe for fluid as long as possible from a parts that you get. When the fluid starts to flow you need it to not leak for a certain amount of pipe segments to get to the next level. Fun but takes a number of tries to get how to play.

Police Quest: In Pursuit of the Death Angel
Be a police, follow the rules, follow police procedure, drive legal and do not shoot everyone you meet. This game is not easy when you are always one letter away from going postal in a every game.

God game where the goal for you is to help your own people and take over the world and rub it in the face of the other gods.

Populous II: Trials of the Olympian Gods
Take on the pantheon of Greek gods so that you in the end can put Zeus in his place. More fun powers to use against the people of the world.

Ports of call
Shipping empire simulator where you get to buy boats and transport cargo from one place to another over the seven seas. Game also has a small arcade like sections including one where you have to steer your ship into port without ramming the docks. Also support playing for players in the hotseat but the game grows tiresome somewhat quick and faster so with more people.

Take the role as a warlord out to take over the whole world, one island at a time :).

Rainbow islands
Platform game were you use rainbows to walk on and also as a weapons. Hit them with a rainbow in the head

Rambo 3
Based in the Epic Rambo movie and that makes the game as good as one would expect. Take three scenes from the movie and make it into subgames so here we walk inside and shoot, then outside and shoot and finally we drive a tank an shoot. One more of these types of games and i will shoot myself.

Red Storm Rising
Based on the Tom Clancy book with the same name. Four time periods from 1984 to 1996 with different submarines and weapons available. All put you in the role of a submarine in the Norwegian Sea fighting World War III. Try to make NATO win or end up as a prisoner to USSR.

Rick Dangerous
Indiana Jones inspired platformer- You need to memorize each step to avoid falling into a deathtrap in the next screen. It's possible that this game is responsible for my dislike of platform games. I like the over the top scream when a enemy fly off screen.

Roadwar 2000
The United States has collapsed and the roads are filled with gangs that drive around with guns and shoot at anyone. You start of with a small gang and the goal is to create a army so you can fight the other gangs. The game is a turn based strategy and tactical game and you move around on a map of the USA and it change to a tactical map when you do battle. Most of the time is spent hunting for oil, food and other supplies. On the tactical map you move your cars and decide who should shoot at what and when.

Shadow Of The Beast
Side scrolling platform game with nice graphic (parallax scrolling madness).

This is a horizontally-scrolling arcade game were you play as a helicopter and shoot your way past each level. It s also possible to play two player and the second player then take to role of a jeep that have a controllable weapon turret and it can also jump to avoid the enemy.

Sim City
Build a city and make it work.

Sky Chase
Battle it out in the sky with planes made of lines.

Space crusade
One of the early games set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe. Take the role of space marines to fight orcs and genestealers in turn based combat. Solid gameplay and cool isometric action view.

Space Hulk
Real-time tactical game where you order your space marines around to shoot the evil Genestealers. Real difficult game.

Space Quest: The Sarien Encounter
Graphic adventure where you take the role of Roger Wilco, janitor by profession, and try to save the galaxy. Interaction done by typing commands so always some guesswork to get something done.

Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe
As a manager of the Brutal Deluxe speedball team you hire new players, upgrade the ones you have and play the matches. Punch them if they don't have the ball and punch them more if they have it.

Spy vs Spy
Play as the agents from the Mad magazine comic strip in single player or split-screen. Find the objects to escape and set traps for the other agent or simply beat him up of you are in the same room.

Star Wars
Wire frame arcade game where you attack the death star based on the first star wars movie. Three stages that restart if you make it.

Star Wars - Return Of The Jedi
Three action sequences inspired by the third star wars film. speeder bike racing, AT-ST Walker and then attacking the death star with Millennium Falcon. Like the others the game restarts at a higher level if you win.

Star Wars - The Empire Strikes Back
Arcade game based on the second star wars film and in this one you shoot droids, Imperial walkers, TIE Fighters and navigate asteroid field and when you are done it all restart again.

Starglider II
Fly through space, down to and into planets. The tunnels of the planets was the hard part where i always smacked into a wall. All travel is done on a quest to collect parts to build a a bomb to destroy the enemy.

Stunt Car Racer
Race around a track without making your car crash.

3D car racing simulation with loops and jumps. I flip over and crash even if the ground is flat but now i have an excuse.

Super Cars II
Top-down race game where you can also drop mine's and shoot missiles after your opponents. Nice with split screen against another player but as always car games are not that fun.

Super off road
Not a fan of this viewpoint in car games and not a fan of car games so not much more to say :).

Super Ski
Downhill ski game.

Science fiction strategy game where you face take control of planets, build of your forces and then assault the alien homeworld. Four alien spieces to challange.

In this game you control a syndicate with the ultimate goal of world domination. From you flying command central you send out cybernetic soldiers to different areas of the world to gain control over them. In these missions you have a view of the target city and give orders to you agents about what they should do and who they should kill. Between missions you need to spend the money you earn from the areas you control to research new cybernetics and weapons to give you soldiers so they have a better chance to complete the mission. Its always nice when you have all four of them walking around with miniguns and gauss guns.

Take 'Em Out
Shoot waves of enemies that pop up on the screen and try to not shoot civilians. You get to select two weapons for each level and they are assigned to left and right mouse buttons. Then you click fire... a lot

Test Drive
Car driving as boring as always.

The Karate Kid: Part II - The Computer Game
Fighting game based on the movie where you simple participate in five fights based on scenes from the movie. Also contain two small mini games where you try to break ice blocks or catch flies with chopstick. Game is so bad it's make more sense to try to break the game discs instead.

The Secret of Monkey Island
Adventure game where you collect items and use them in strange ways to move forward in the plot. In the game one assume the role of Gaybrush Threepwood, a young man that try to get into a career as a pirate. As the game progress one fight sword fights with insults, search for treasure and also get a new nemesis in the form of the ghost pirate LeChuck. Never been a fan of this kinds of game really, some fun parts but overall I find it tiresome to pickup random items and guess my way to the answer.

Tintin on the moon
Guide Tintin to the moon by avoiding asteroids, putting out fires, landing and other things. Not that fun really..

Turrican II: The Final Fight
Side-scrolling shooter where you indeed shoot a lot :).

Falling blocks game where you use the blocks from above to fill out a whole row to make it go away. Support for two players at the same time.

Utopia: The Creation of a Nation
Sim city in space where you get to administer a new colony on some distant planet. Make the citizens happy and keep an eye on the hostile alien race that share the planet with you.

It was most fun to be the fox.

Racing game that have a nice feel of speed.

War in Middle Earth
Guide Frodo and friends to Mount Doom and drop of the ring while at the same time you handle the armies of the west. Nice mix of strategy and adventure game at the same time.

War Zone
Two player vertical scrolling shoot'em up with 80's action hero aesthetic. Not horrible but i liked Dogs of war better.

Turn based strategy where your goal is to take over the 80 cities on the realm of Illuria. Each city give you gold that you use to create armies to attack the other seven warlords.

Warm Up
Top-down racing game based on Formula 1. Go around the track until you get tired off it, crash into the wall and try to find something better to play.

Wings of fury
Action game where you pilot a?plane in the Pacific during the WWII. You start of from your aircraft carrier and then attack islands where the goal is to destroy everything that the enemy have there.

Winter games
Try out some sports that are featured in the Winter Olympic Games.

Horizontally-scrolling platform game where you are a wizard that in the form of a green ball bounce around collecting colours. Well, you really are collecting power ups so you can summon your cat in the form of a smaller green ball to collect the colours. Fun game :).

Cute worms with guns and grenades. Great fun.

Puzzle game where two balls drop in the level and your goal it to get them inside a goal basket. Do do that you first place blocks for the balls to bounce on or fans to blow them to the side. Then you press play to see what happens and if it do not work right you move your blocks until it work. The screen is split in to with one screen for each ball when you run the level. When you place the blocks the lower part show all things you can place and the top part show the level. A bit lacking in the user interface but it's still a fun.

Zone Warrior
Meh. Play Turrican instead.

Arcade puzzle game where your character Zoomer trace around the squares on the game board. When you filled out all the squares you proceed to the next level. At the same time there are monsters that try to eat you and powerups that appear at random on the board.