Vertical shooter set in the pacific theater of World War II. Each level start from a carrier and then you shoot down a small airforce and then land on a carrier again.

Shot evil aliens.

3D graphic in early 1980s is made of lines and your imagination.

Boulder Dash
Collect diamonds and exit each level before time limit and without getting hit in the head by a boulder.

Frogger on C64.

Pitstop II
Formula one racing game with tire and fuel managment. Control the pitcrew to change tires and refuel the car.

Smash TV
Set in the distant future of 1999 this where contenders fight to the death on TV for prizes such as toasters and VCRs. Gameplay works well but i'm not a huge fan of these type of arena games.

Summer Games
Compete in the sports from the summer olympic games.

Summer Games II
Only for people that need to destroy another joystick.

Wizard of Wor
Arcade style shooter that supports two players.