City Defence
In this game you have two defense towers and you select the one to shoot from with the mouse buttons. The goal is to shoot down the incoming missiles so they don?t destroy any of your towns. It all goes on wave after wave and each one is a little faster. Not a fun game at all really :(.

Empire: Wargame of the Century
Strategy game where you start with a city and your goal is to produce armies and use them to take over the whole world. It's a modern day war with only a few types of units so you need to think about what unit to use against what. The graphic is as simple and easy on the eyes as you zone out thinking about the move you will make.

King's Quest: Quest for the Crown
Adventure game where you explore the fantasy world of Daventry to collect three lost treasures to become the next king.

Leisure Suit Larry: In the Land of the Lounge Lizards
Enjoy the glorious life of Larry and enter commands to get him to move forward in life.

Action game in which the player controls Samus Aran, a bounty hunter that attack the space pirates base to destroy the Mother Brain that control the base. You need to explore the world and get power ups that makes it possible to access other areas of the map, like the morph ball to roll around or high jump boots to reach higher.

Pinball Wizard
Pinball games are really not my thing. I know some people wish to have a pinball machine at home but i think it is painful enough to have one on the computer. This is one of the first Amiga pinball games, from 1987 and there is not much to enjoy in this game. One board only and large part of the screen is wasted on a stupid score and settings display. The gameplay do not work that well when the ball bounce around like a cube made out of tar.

Police Quest: In Pursuit of the Death Angel
Be a police, follow the rules, follow police procedure, drive legal and do not shoot everyone you meet. This game is not easy when you are always one letter away from going postal in a every game.

Ports of call
Shipping empire simulator where you get to buy boats and transport cargo from one place to another over the seven seas. Game also has a small arcade like sections including one where you have to steer your ship into port without ramming the docks. Also support playing for players in the hotseat but the game grows tiresome somewhat quick and faster so with more people.

Boxing game where you punch people in the face as much as you can. You work your way up the ladder to the final fight like in any sports game of this type and click on the button at random and hope for the best. Sport games are funless.

Roadwar 2000
The United States has collapsed and the roads are filled with gangs that drive around with guns and shoot at anyone. You start of with a small gang and the goal is to create a army so you can fight the other gangs. The game is a turn based strategy and tactical game and you move around on a map of the USA and it change to a tactical map when you do battle. Most of the time is spent hunting for oil, food and other supplies. On the tactical map you move your cars and decide who should shoot at what and when.

Super Ski
Downhill ski game.

Test Drive
Car driving as boring as always.

The Legend of Zelda
Action adventure game where you explore the land's of Hyrule to collect the parts of the Triforce of Wisdom so you can save princess Zelda.

Winter games
Try out some sports that are featured in the Winter Olympic Games.

Horizontally-scrolling platform game where you are a wizard that in the form of a green ball bounce around collecting colours. Well, you really are collecting power ups so you can summon your cat in the form of a smaller green ball to collect the colours. Fun game :).