1000cc Turbo
In the dark age there where no steam, GOG or Uplay. You played what you had. Even if it was a type of game you did not like at all. Meh.

688 Attack Sub
Fight it out below the sea as an American or Soviet attack submarines.

Budokan: The martial spirit
Fighting game where you get to fight in a tournament. Before you do you must train and you can practice using Karate, Bo, Kendo or Nunchaku.

Adventure game that are to short and to linear for my taste.

Lost Patrol
Guide the surviving soldiers of a helicopter crashes back to base.

Midnight Resistance
Side scrolling shoot'em up with levels and in each level a end boos that need to die. You can shop for new weapons as you progress in the game and for currency you use keys that you take from the people you kill. Possible to play the game with two players and as always it's more fun that way :)

Narco Police
Tunnel crawler where you control squads of cops hunting down drug labs.

This was not fun. I set my own goal that I would play until I managed to avoid getting in last place once. Never been so happy to see one of the AI cars get stuck on a wall.

Over the net
Volleyball game and like all other sport games it's no fun.

Panza Kick Boxing
Fun fighting game where you can customize your attacks, train and fight your way to victory. Annoying referee that you can't kick down.

Take the role as a warlord out to take over the whole world, one island at a time :).

Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe
As a manager of the Brutal Deluxe speedball team you hire new players, upgrade the ones you have and play the matches. Punch them if they don't have the ball and punch them more if they have it.

Science fiction strategy game where you face take control of planets, build of your forces and then assault the alien homeworld. Four alien spieces to challange.

The Secret of Monkey Island
Adventure game where you collect items and use them in strange ways to move forward in the plot. In the game one assume the role of Gaybrush Threepwood, a young man that try to get into a career as a pirate. As the game progress one fight sword fights with insults, search for treasure and also get a new nemesis in the form of the ghost pirate LeChuck. Never been a fan of this kinds of game really, some fun parts but overall I find it tiresome to pickup random items and guess my way to the answer.

Falling blocks game where you use the blocks from above to fill out a whole row to make it go away. Support for two players at the same time.

Wings of fury
Action game where you pilot a?plane in the Pacific during the WWII. You start of from your aircraft carrier and then attack islands where the goal is to destroy everything that the enemy have there.