Adventures of Robin Hood, The
Play as Robin Hood and try to reclaim your castle from the evil Sheriff. Populous style view and a fun world to explore.

Alien Breed
Top-down shooter that takes everything it can from the movie Aliens. Clean out each level of the space station and then take the lift down to the next one. You collect money that can be used to buy weapons or more ammo for all the aliens that keep spawning from the holes in the ground. Keys are needed for doors and some doors are one way so one need to be careful to not get stuck in a room with no keys . The only thing I really dislike about the game is that every levels end in a timed run to the lift. If you fail it is game over no matter how many re-spawns you had left.

Another World
Side-scrolling adventure game where your avatar is transported to another world and you need to try to survive in it. Not much guidelines so you really have to guess what to do next and die and try again. Art style might be fun in 91 but all that is left now is a boring game.

3D combat simulator with tanks and planes. Collect five parts of a neutron bomb and use it the destroy the enemys beam cannon. You search the map while at the same time you destroy the enemys generators to delay the completion of the beam cannon.

Chuck rock
Another platformer with the goal to save your girl, this time as the caveman Chuck. Belly punch stange creatures and throw rocks at them. The band playing in the main menu is more fun then playing the game.

F1 GP Circuit
Racing game where you always drive up the screen in cars such as McLoren and the Lotas. There is nothing good in this game really, bad music, bad art, bad gameplay. Did not manage to find any movie of this game and i will not pollute the Internet with one.

Take to role of Hercules in the action game.

Golden Axe 2
A new villan that needs an axe in the head and more two player fun.

Gorillas that throw exploding bananas at each other.

Based on a board game that I have never played. It feels like a straight port of the game.

Hill Street Blues
Top-down strategy/action game based on the TV drama by the same name. Patrol on foot or by car and try to solve the crimes in the city.

Jimmy White's Whirlwind Snooker
Nice pool game.

Guide the not so bright lemmings to the exit. They drop out in the level one by one and then you need to assign task to some of them so they majority of them reach the exit. For example tell one of them to dig a path into a wall, a stair up or to stand and block the others so they don't walk over a cliff edge. You often have a limit on how many of each you can use, say max 9 diggers on a level so you need to plan ahead to keep as many of them safe. If you fail you can always push to bomb key that turn all lemmings into walking bombs that explodes in cute pixel clouds

Lotus Turbo Challenge 2
Arcade driving where you try to complete each track before the time runs out to get to the next.

Ball and paddle game where you destroy blocks at top of screen. Something feel off with the ball/paddle in this game and the power-ups are boring.

Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge
Guybrush search for the a treasure and resurect LeChuck as a zombie. Stange ending.

Navy Seals
Side scrolling action based on the movie. Kill people, plant bombs, go home.

Snake game where you eat number and get longer until you eat number 9 and move on to the next level.

Populous II: Trials of the Olympian Gods
Take on the pantheon of Greek gods so that you in the end can put Zeus in his place. More fun powers to use against the people of the world.

This is the game that was made after Maxis got the idea that they could put 'Sim' before any word and sell it.

Smash TV
Set in the distant future of 1999 this where contenders fight to the death on TV for prizes such as toasters and VCRs. Gameplay works well but i'm not a huge fan of these type of arena games.

Super Cars II
Top-down race game where you can also drop mine's and shoot missiles after your opponents. Nice with split screen against another player but as always car games are not that fun.

Turrican II: The Final Fight
Side-scrolling shooter where you indeed shoot a lot :).

Utopia: The Creation of a Nation
Sim city in space where you get to administer a new colony on some distant planet. Make the citizens happy and keep an eye on the hostile alien race that share the planet with you.

Racing game that have a nice feel of speed.

War Zone
Two player vertical scrolling shoot'em up with 80's action hero aesthetic. Not horrible but i liked Dogs of war better.

Warm Up
Top-down racing game based on Formula 1. Go around the track until you get tired off it, crash into the wall and try to find something better to play.

Puzzle game where two balls drop in the level and your goal it to get them inside a goal basket. Do do that you first place blocks for the balls to bounce on or fans to blow them to the side. Then you press play to see what happens and if it do not work right you move your blocks until it work. The screen is split in to with one screen for each ball when you run the level. When you place the blocks the lower part show all things you can place and the top part show the level. A bit lacking in the user interface but it's still a fun.

Zone Warrior
Meh. Play Turrican instead.