Spheres are cool and so is this game. You can also be a frog and frogs are green and green is also good :).

Elasto Mania
Puzzle game where you try to get your laws of physics challenged motorcycle to the end in each level.

Empire: Wargame of the Century
Strategy game where you start with a city and your goal is to produce armies and use them to take over the whole world. It's a modern day war with only a few types of units so you need to think about what unit to use against what. The graphic is as simple and easy on the eyes as you zone out thinking about the move you will make.

Medieval style hack/slash game. Two campaigns to play, light and dark. As always more fun to play the dark side . Some of the levels are really nice and you can still hear the silent scream of a role playing game in some places.

Enemy Territory: Quake Wars
First-person team-oriented game in the same world as Quake 4. Two teams in the form of the Humans and the Strogg battle each other on a number of maps and you need to complete mission objectives on each map for your side to win. You get to choose what class your character is and that modify the weapons and abilitys you have.

Instead of improving on Takedown: Red Sabre they did another game and this one is even worse then Takedown. Stay away. Stay far away.

Euro Truck Simulator 2
Get's tiresome fast. Truck driving is really not my thing.

Europa Universalis III
Grand strategy war game where you take your nation from 1399 to 1821. All my games seems to end with the whole world in war against me :|.

Excalibur 2555 AD
The sword Excalibur have been stolen and you travel to the future to save it.

Speed away on your motocross and keep your temperature withing the safe limits to avoid overheating.