Kick Off
Top down football game. Why do i play all these sports game, i hate them all :|.

Kid Pool
Top down game that has no options, no good control system and they physics on the balls are bad to.

Kill to Collect
Read more about my work on the Kill to Collect

Killzone 2
The playstation exclusive shooter that stand against xbox Halo series. No idea what killzone story is about. I guess the guys with glowing red eyes are like evil so thats why we shoot them. Game is not that good enough to motivate me to bother finding out why.

King's Quest: Quest for the Crown
Adventure game where you explore the fantasy world of Daventry to collect three lost treasures to become the next king.

Kings Quest: Mask of eternity
Nice mood and very good speech. The story is not that good and all puzzles have only one way to solve them. The hero you play is so good that you sometimes wish that you can reach into the screen and kill him.

Knights of the Temple: Infernal Crusade
Be a knight, fight evil, save world and girl.

Save your girl by kicking people, snakes and moths. Five floors of violence to save her, then a hug and next she get kidnapped again. Rinse, repeat.