3D Pool
In 1989 3D was next gen so pool in 3D was cool.

A.M.C.: Astro Marine Corps
Sideways scrolling shooter where you blast aliens and walk to the end. Looks bad and plays bad.

Axels Magic Hammer
Platform game where you play a boy with a magic hammer that he use to kill of monsters and destroy blocks that hold powerups.

Battle squadron
Vertically scrolling shooter where two player is the most fun way to play.

Chambers of Shaolin
This fighting game is made up of two parts and in the first you train you characters skills for the tournament in the second part of the game. Training is done by many exercises such as balancing on trees and dodging someone attacking you with a stick. The better you do the more strength and stamina you will have in the tournament. Fighting in the tournament is similar to many other fighting games were you kick your way to the next level. Training is not friendly for your joystick so you needs a whole box of tac-2?s to play games like this.

Chip's Challenge
Puzzle solving on a time limit is not my favorite thing but this game is still a bit ;) fun. Solve the puzzles and collect all the chips in each level to move on to the next.

Conflict: Europe
Play World War 3 scenerarios fighting as NATO vs the Warsaw Pact over central Europe. Nuclear winter is coming.

Dogs of War
Shoot- em-up seen from above with a world that scrolls as you move along and kill everything. Can be played with two players.

Ikari warriors
Shoot- em-up seen from above with a world that scrolls as you move along and kill everything. Can be played with two players. Also possible to drive tanks

Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade
Games from movies are more or less doomed to fail and this one sure does. It s so boring that it can act like a reaction test for how fast you can throw yourself on the off switch on your computer.

Indianapolis 500: The Simulation
Simulator of the Indianapolis 500 race from a first person perspective. Many options to modify on the car so you can crash into the wall as good as possible. No, I'm not that good at car games.

It Came from the Desert
Evil ants attack in this Them! like game.

Joan of Arc: The Siege & The Sword
Fight for France and throw out the British. You play as the the king with the mission to take control of all the provinces.

Kick Off
Top down football game. Why do i play all these sports game, i hate them all :|.

Puzzle game where you need to use your cars laser cannon to destroy a reactor on each level and then use the exit transporter. Your car can only drive on the road so you also has tanks and flyers that can carry things such as mirror and lenses to modify the laser shots you shot so you can hit things not visible from the road.

Lords of the Rising Sun
Take over Japan with a mix of strategy and arcade-style mini games.

Lords of war
Use a shield defend your castle and try to hit the other players castle with the bouncing skull.

Millennium 2.2
You control a colony on the moon and your goal is to explore the solar system and collect enough resources to re inhabit earth. Not that hard until you find out there is another colony that think that they are the ones that should inherit earth.

North & South
Strategy game about the American civil war with a comical cartoon style. You move around you troops in a strategic view and then in tactical view you command a single battle and fight it out with you infantry, cannons and calvary.

Nuclear War
Set in the Cold War area were you play one of the worlds insane leaders on a mission to nuke away everyone as long as you are the one that die s last.

Oil Imperium
Strategy game were you build or own oil empire.

Race along the five stages in a Ferrari and select the path to take at the end of each stage. No driving skill so i never got to the final stage.

Persian Gulf Inferno
Side scrolling action where you search a oil rig for a bomb to keep it from blowing up while at the same time getting shot at by people that like to see it blow up.

Pipe mania
Build a pipe for fluid as long as possible from a parts that you get. When the fluid starts to flow you need it to not leak for a certain amount of pipe segments to get to the next level. Fun but takes a number of tries to get how to play.

God game where the goal for you is to help your own people and take over the world and rub it in the face of the other gods.

Rainbow islands
Platform game were you use rainbows to walk on and also as a weapons. Hit them with a rainbow in the head

Rick Dangerous
Indiana Jones inspired platformer- You need to memorize each step to avoid falling into a deathtrap in the next screen. It's possible that this game is responsible for my dislike of platform games. I like the over the top scream when a enemy fly off screen.

Shadow Of The Beast
Side scrolling platform game with nice graphic (parallax scrolling madness).

Sim City
Build a city and make it work.

Space Quest: The Sarien Encounter
Graphic adventure where you take the role of Roger Wilco, janitor by profession, and try to save the galaxy. Interaction done by typing commands so always some guesswork to get something done.

Spy vs Spy
Play as the agents from the Mad magazine comic strip in single player or split-screen. Find the objects to escape and set traps for the other agent or simply beat him up of you are in the same room.

Stunt Car Racer
Race around a track without making your car crash.

Super off road
Not a fan of this viewpoint in car games and not a fan of car games so not much more to say :).

Take 'Em Out
Shoot waves of enemies that pop up on the screen and try to not shoot civilians. You get to select two weapons for each level and they are assigned to left and right mouse buttons. Then you click fire... a lot

Tintin on the moon
Guide Tintin to the moon by avoiding asteroids, putting out fires, landing and other things. Not that fun really..

Turn based strategy where your goal is to take over the 80 cities on the realm of Illuria. Each city give you gold that you use to create armies to attack the other seven warlords.