Zelda II: The Adventure of Link
You need to save Zelda again and as before you to it by walking around to castles and killing boss monsters. This time the battles takes place in a separate side scrolling combat view and you need to collect experience points to improve your skills so you can fight better.

Zombie Army 4: Dead War
The Zombie wars roll on, this time in Italy with content from Sniper Elite 4. Zombie hordes get tiresome for to long so i would like to have seen more zombie tanks, zombie sharks and other zombie things. Lost some character progress and that was no fun.

Zone Warrior
Meh. Play Turrican instead.

Arcade puzzle game where your character Zoomer trace around the squares on the game board. When you filled out all the squares you proceed to the next level. At the same time there are monsters that try to eat you and powerups that appear at random on the board.

Zork 1: The Great Underground Empire
Every dark area in this game will get you eaten by a grue. Like most text games it gets a bit tiresome at times when you have to guess the correct word to use. Really hate the maze section.