1000cc Turbo

In the dark age there where no steam, GOG or Uplay. You played what you had. Even if it was a type of game you did not like at all. Meh.


Vertical shooter set in the pacific theater of World War II. Each level start from a carrier and then you shoot down a small airforce and then land on a carrier again.

1943: The Battle of Midway

Sequel to 1942 and this time you get to shoot at both the airplanes and ships.

3D Pool

In 1989 3D was next gen so pool in 3D was cool.

688 Attack Sub

Fight it out below the sea as an American or Soviet attack submarines.

7 Days to die

So someone put a gun to my smiley lamp and forced me to buy a early access game. 23 hours played so far so is was not a total waste of money. Like many other open world survival games it does not take long to hit the end. Food, gun, house and you are surviving. So play with friends and make your own challenge It's like a zombie film, it's your stupid friends that forget to lock the door that make your life fun. Also, shoot all dogs. Zombie dogs are evil.