Explore a world, gather resources, build things and try to survive.

Spawn in, collect resources and try to avoid murder by other players. The game that got the survival game train going and then formed the base for Battle royale games. DayZ is based on a MOD for Arma2 and like most Bohemia things are painful. Both in gameplay and in user interface.

7 Days to die
So someone put a gun to my smiley lamp and forced me to buy a early access game. Turned out to be great :). Play with friends and enjoy when they forget to close the door so the zombies get in and kill you all. Explore the world, collect items and shoot all dogs. Zombie dogs are the worst.

Stranded Deep
Plane crash, multiple islands and crabs. Build a really unstable raft and sail around and collect parts to finally escape in a plane.

Stuck in a solar system your goal is to find a way to escape by exploring the 7 planets in it. Dig around, collect resources, build things, snap them together and then crash your car into the core of the planet.

Chill out on the open sea, visit the islands you drift by, upgrade your raft and get eaten by a shark. The whole lost at sea experience.

Green Hell
Survival game where you are stuck on an island with a hostile tribe that try to kill you. Playing the story it looks like you deserve getting killed.

The Forest
Plane crash, island, survival with cannibals and mutants.

Play it, Odin demands it.

Sons of the Forest
Helicopter crash, island, survival with more cannibals and mutants.