Battlefield 5
The return of the battlefield games to the second world war. A strange early access form of release with parts of the game filled with coming soon and future release dates for content. They used the war stories format from Battlefield 1 for the single player.

Beat Saber
Rhythm game for VR you use glowing sabers to slash beats as they play. I have to play on the easy mode to keep up.

Call of cthulhu
A game that lets you complete your cthulhu bingo fast. Fish people, cults, visions, sanity and a asylum. The characters in the game look bad and the rpg mechanics don't work that well. Story elements don't go anywhere or makes no sense. Sinking City was better.

Drunkn Bar Fight
Let the patrons of the bar you visit know how you really feel. Mostly by punching, throwing or smashing things at them.

A retro-styled first-person game inspired by the best shooters from the 90's. Shoot everything and try to get to the exit. Good levels overall and some great ones.

Forza Horizon 4
Open-world racing game where the season of the world change each week. Driving earns skill points that can unlock perks on each vehicle. I play on super easy so the AI have to work overtime to make me look good.

Green Hell
Survival game where you are stuck on an island with a hostile tribe that try to kill you. Playing the story it looks like you deserve getting killed.

Chill out on the open sea, visit the islands you drift by, upgrade your raft and get eaten by a shark. The whole lost at sea experience.

The Forest
Plane crash, island, survival with cannibals and mutants.

World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth
Seventh expansion pack with two new continents and more races.