I Am Alive

So I hated this game. I read that it would take five hours to complete and that's six hours to long.

Ice Climber

Climb ice mountains with a hammer and fight off evil birds. Possible to play two players.

Ice Hockey

Sports game are not fun. Not now, not then, never.

Ikari warriors

Shoot- em-up seen from above with a world that scrolls as you move along and kill everything. Can be played with two players. Also possible to drive tanks

Indiana Jones and the fate of atlantis

Another point and click Indy game. Same as the last really.

Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade

Games from movies are more or less doomed to fail and this one sure does. It s so boring that it can act like a reaction test for how fast you can throw yourself on the off switch on your computer.

Indianapolis 500: The Simulation

Simulator of the Indianapolis 500 race from a first person perspective. Many options to modify on the car so you can crash into the wall as good as possible. No, I'm not that good at car games.

International Karate +

Fun fighting game with three characters battle it out on the screen.

Invaders 1978

A clone of the classic Space Invaders that was released in 1978. Really hard to find this video. Google get a bit confused when you try to find a game with the name Invaders 1978 that was released in 1996.

It Came from the Desert

Evil ants attack in this Them! like game.