The classic eat dots and stay away from the ghosts game.

Eat lines and stay away from the ghosts.

Eat the dot's and stay away from the ghosts. You can also jump to avoid the ghosts and with four levels this should make a great game if not for the fact that pac-man games are sad and dull whatever they contain.

First person shooter that try to bring back the old days so in each area the door is locked behind you and then you have to kill everything to move on to the next area. This game is insanely boring, the enemy?s are all stupid and all the weapons suck. Repetitive music also.

Painkiller Overdose
Another painkiller game and it is as bad as the first one.

Painkiller: Battle Out of Hell
Expansion to Painkiller with ten more levels and two new weapons. All in the same style as before so really unfunny

Adventure game that runs on a time limit so you need to replay a lot to complete it.

Panza Kick Boxing
Fun fighting game where you can customize your attacks, train and fight your way to victory. Annoying referee that you can't kick down.

Non fun standard shooter. Nothing to play here, move on.

Path of exile
Really good action rpg.

PayDay: The Heist
Co-op game for up to four players where you rob banks and other places with wealth. Basic gameplay a lot like Left 4 Dead with the Zombies replaced with angry members of the police force.

Persian Gulf Inferno
Side scrolling action where you search a oil rig for a bomb to keep it from blowing up while at the same time getting shot at by people that like to see it blow up.

Phantasie III: The Wrath of Nikademus
Fantasy role-playing game where the enemy to no ones suprise is an evil sorcerer that is trying to take over the world.

Phantasmagoria: A Puzzle of Flesh
This is the second part of the phantasmagoria series of games. All live action but still no fun and the few choices you make in the game only fell stupid and the movies are boring and the story is bad. There is only one real choice you need to use in this game and it is the exit key.

Pinball Dreams
Before Battlefield there was pinball games and this is the first one of three that Digital Illusions did for the Amiga. Physics works fine and the table looks nice. The most fun table was the nightmare one.

Pinball Fantasies
Second pinball game from Digital Illusions on the Amiga and i think this is the best of the three. The best table was Stones and Bones. Best graphic in this to as i think they added to much clutter in the next game.

Pinball Illusion
Last pinball game for the Amiga from Digital Illusions. This game has three tables to pick from and i liked BabeWatch the most. They also had learned some basic 3D when they made this game and the knowledge was used to create the most ugly main menu possible.

Pinball Wizard
Pinball games are really not my thing. I know some people wish to have a pinball machine at home but i think it is painful enough to have one on the computer. This is one of the first Amiga pinball games, from 1987 and there is not much to enjoy in this game. One board only and large part of the screen is wasted on a stupid score and settings display. The gameplay do not work that well when the ball bounce around like a cube made out of tar.

Pipe mania
Build a pipe for fluid as long as possible from a parts that you get. When the fluid starts to flow you need it to not leak for a certain amount of pipe segments to get to the next level. Fun but takes a number of tries to get how to play.

Pirates! Gold
Sail around in the Caribbean and destroy the ships of your enemies.

Pitstop II
Formula one racing game with tire and fuel managment. Control the pitcrew to change tires and refuel the car.

PlanetSide 2
MMO Shooter with a a bit over thousand players in a single battle. Three factions fight in a large open world to to capture territories on foot or in land/air vehicles.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds
The game that started the Battle Royale craze. I suck in all of them but the slow pace let me at least play for longer before i perish. With some friends to carry me i sometimes get to eat every f#ck¤ng chicken on the island. My favorite victory is the one where the only enemy I ever saw was the last one that fell out dead behind a tree. I'm Helping!, can i have gun now?

Pole Position
Drive around until the engine sound make you strangle yourself with the controller cord.

Police Quest: In Pursuit of the Death Angel
Be a police, follow the rules, follow police procedure, drive legal and do not shoot everyone you meet. This game is not easy when you are always one letter away from going postal in a every game.

Eat spinach and fight of your arch nemesis Bluto to save your girlfriend, Olive Oyl.

God game where the goal for you is to help your own people and take over the world and rub it in the face of the other gods.

Populous II: Trials of the Olympian Gods
Take on the pantheon of Greek gods so that you in the end can put Zeus in his place. More fun powers to use against the people of the world.

Puzzle platform game that only real shortcoming is that it's to short :). In it the character you play is stuck in a laboratory and subjected to experiment by a AI named GlaDOS. You are forced to use a portal gun that creates space portals between flat surfaces to solve puzzles by GlaDOS while you are looking for a way to escape the laboratory. The sad part is that when you finally get a hang of the portal gun the game end's so it feels like playing only the tutorial part of a full game :(.

Portal 2
Time for more portal puzzles and now also with tractor beams, light bridges and gels that give surface special properties such as jumping higher. GlaDOS is back and also new characters like the robot Wheatley that help you and Cave Johnson, the deceased CEO of Aperture Science. Great voice work with funny dialogue on all characters in the game.

Ports of call
Shipping empire simulator where you get to buy boats and transport cargo from one place to another over the seven seas. Game also has a small arcade like sections including one where you have to steer your ship into port without ramming the docks. Also support playing for players in the hotseat but the game grows tiresome somewhat quick and faster so with more people.

Postal 2
Fun game were you can be a good guy if you want to. But there is hard to wait in line to pay for your milk when you have a gun. I blame it all on the milk, if there was no milk we would have no problems with the guns .

Take the role as a warlord out to take over the whole world, one island at a time :).

Evil aliens try to destroy our world and you have to stop them. Nice use of portals and gravity in this game. You can also use your spirit form to run around and it is used to solve some puzzles.

Privateer 2: The Darkening
Game developed by those that want to be movie makers

Project: Im Going In
Cool but you who designed the spawning of enemy's in the game, may you code be full of bugs.

Boxing game where you punch people in the face as much as you can. You work your way up the ladder to the final fight like in any sports game of this type and click on the button at random and hope for the best. Sport games are funless.